Dale McGowan Announces That His Next Book Will Focus on Religious/Non-Religious Marriages

Dale McGowan — who has already cornered the market in writing about atheist parenting — just announced his next book project. It’s one a lot of you may appreciate:

Many of the most common questions I get from secular parents are about issues around this kind of mixed marriage. Though there are several books on marriages between partners of two different religions — including half a dozen titles on Jewish-Christian intermarriage alone — there’s nothing for the biggest belief gap of all.

Sounds awesome. I’ve heard so many stories of atheists who end up dating (or marrying) religious people. There are all sorts of obstacles those couples have to overcome — can you have mutual respect for each other’s beliefs? How would you raise your children? What would the wedding look like? Would your in-laws know about your beliefs or would you keep those to yourself?

I also can’t wait for what I assume will be Dale’s next project after this one: How to handle mixed-religion divorces.

"No; I'm getting more of an Ed Wood vibe regarding that particular producer. ;-)"

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