Darwin Day Proclamation on the Agenda Tonight in Asheville, North Carolina

At the meeting of the Asheville, North Carolina city council meeting later tonight, non-theistic council member (and recent Congressional candidate) Cecil Bothwell will introduce a Darwin Day resolution:

The proclamation will read as follows:

International Darwin Day Proclamation

Whereas February 12, 2013 is the anniversary of the birth of Charles Darwin in 1809;

And Whereas Charles Darwin is recognized for the development of the theory of evolution by the mechanism of natural selection;

And Whereas Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection is recognized as the foundation of modern biology, an essential tool in understanding the natural world and the development of life on earth;

And Whereas Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection has provided, and continues to provide, the basis for great advances in science, medicine and philosophy;

And Whereas the anniversary of Darwin’s birthday is an appropriate period on which to reflect and celebrate the importance of scientific advancement to all people;

And Whereas government bodies around the world, including the United States Congress, have designated this anniversary as a celebration of the life and work of Charles Darwin;

And Whereas the City of Asheville is rightfully proud of its commitment to scientifically-based environmental awareness, appropriate technology and high educational standards;

Now, Therefore, I Terry Bellamy, Mayor of the City of Asheville, do hereby proclaim February 12, 2013 as “International Darwin Day” in the City of Asheville.

Way to go, Cecil!

Now, cue the inevitable march of the ignorant people who have no idea how powerful a “theory” evolution actually is…

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