Saddest. Valentine. Ever.

(via Comic Blasphemy)

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  • jdm8

    I think that’s a country song too.

    • Cary Whitman

      It is a country song:
      Danielle Peck, “I Don’t”

      “…Jesus loves you, I don’t…”
      I’m slightly embarrassed to admit that I have this on my iPod, I’m really not much of a country music fan, but I’ve alway kinda liked this one.

  • allein

    That really does not comfort me in my singledom tonight. I’ll just go back to my Grey’s Anatomy and ice cream now.

    • jdm8

      As it happens, I started watching that show recently, and got near the end of Season 3 last night.

      • allein

        Heh. It gets worse. ;)

  • observer

    Funny thing is, I could imagine that being for real.

  • Pablo

    A small tale:

    There was a girl I liked. I thought she was cute. She didn’t seem too interested in me, but I had to try. Being extremely timid, I almost passed out from anxiety, but managed to blurt out how much I liked her. She was stunned and rejected me, politely. I went back to my business, but not much later she gave me one of those, handwritten. I thanked her, but secretly I didn’t think she was cute anymore.

    • MD

      Man, you dodged the bullet there.