Christian Evangelist Franklin Graham on Gay Marriage: ‘Our Plumbing is Completely Different’

A video resurfaced this week of Christian evangelist and missionary Franklin Graham, son of the equally notorious (though possible co-opted) Billy Graham, being interviewed in November about his thoughts on marriage equality. As the battle for marriage rights heats up in states like Illinois, it might be worth revisiting some of the most common arguments against equality.

Watch the video below:

Graham’s thesis statement isn’t so much an argument as a rehashing of the anti-gay slander we hear constantly from assorted right-wing Christian groups and individuals:

“The family is the backbone of society, and there’s no way you can have a family with two females or two males.”

Really? There are scores of families out there who could prove this wrong — the majority of them happy, functional, and far less vengeful than most of the people who attack them.

Then, Mr. Graham tastefully reminded us that genitalia provide all the answers to matters of equality and civil rights:

“If you just think biologically how God made us, our plumbing is completely different… We cannot redefine what God gave to this Earth, to mankind. And it would be a great sin for us to redefine it.”

You read it here: the answer’s in the plumbing! And going against that is damnable. But don’t worry: he’s not homophobic! He just thinks we shouldn’t be treated equally:

“I’m not anti-gay, I’m not homophobic. But the Bible says that homosexuality is a sin.”

It wouldn’t make sense if you said, “I’m not a racist; I just don’t believe people of certain races deserve the same rights as me” — and it doesn’t make sense here, either.

Clearly, anti-gay activists aren’t exactly using logic to debunk the plethora of valid arguments in favor of marriage equality — you know, things like equal access to benefits, protecting children whose parents are in same-sex relationships, and the right to express your love and commitment to your partner the way everyone else can.

Nope; they’re going for plumbing.

I think we’re gonna be okay.

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