Bill Maher: ‘Religion: It’s Like Wikipedia. Anyone Can Write Something In’

On Friday’s “Real Time,” Bill Maher dissected the media’s fawning coverage of Pope Francis and how the rules of Catholicism are pulled out of nowhere. The good part begins around 2:18:

(via Moral Compass)

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  • Matt in Memphis

    That’s too generous. At least Wikipedia theoretically requires you to support your claim with a legitimate source. If you try to create a Wikipedia page and cite “revelation” as your source, it will be taken down before too long.

  • Guest

    That’s too generous. At least Wikipedia theoretically requires you to support your claim with a legitimate source. If you try to create a Wikipedia page and cite “revelation” as your source, it will be taken down before too long.

  • Chris B

    Yeah, I’m with you. This is more insulting to Wikipedia than religion.

  • shockwaver

    I could do without the racist jokes about his gardeners.

  • Andrew Hall

    Religion is like a really violent Wikipedia … with pedophiles.

  • Mackinz

    The good part didn’t start at 2:18.

    It started at 0:00. :)

  • Believer

    I guess this follows the atheist mantra of following the evidence wherever it leads, right, and, now lets have a drum roll, the evidence is ??????????????? Billl Maher said it! Bill Maher, that highly educated and objective historian and theologian. How can you are with evidence like that!

  • Believer

    “are” should be “argue”

  • Gus Snarp

    When it comes to Catholicism, not everyone can write in it. You have to have a penis.

  • m6wg4bxw

    1. You guessed incorrectly
    2. Atheism has no mantra
    3. Bill Maher is comedian
    4. Content like this is meant for fun

  • m6wg4bxw

    Yes, please stop with the hand heart gesture.

  • eonL5

    Or maybe “aaarrgh!”

  • Paul Grimm

    Lets call Catholics bigots. What a fun game. We don’t have anything we believe in so let’s bond together by criticizing others. “Friendly” atheist is a misnomer

  • RobMcCune

    There’s plenty of evidence bill maher made the video above, just watch the video. Citation needed that he’s any kind of historian or theologian.

  • MattD

    I guess you follow the theist mantra of anger first, questions never.

  • CelticWhisper

    And a funny hat too, if I’m not mistaken.

  • CelticWhisper

    And a funny hat too, if I’m not mistaken.

  • chicago dyke

    what is truly sad is that Bill knows more about catholic and christian history than so many of their priests and pastors. he’s actually studied xtian history! “theologian” is an educated degree like “plumber” is an engineer in hydrosciences. actually, that’s an insult to plumbers; they actually serve a useful purpose. catholic officials seem to be experts in only a few fields, like covering up pederasty and oppressing women.

    i don’t even really like bill, but i’ll watch his videos before i’ll watch one of your red caped loons running around oppressing gay rights or women.

  • baal

    Bill Maher is a comedian. His clip here is for its entertainment value and not as a rigorous lecture in christian early history.

    Also, citing to sources on TV is at best awkward. If you doubt anything that he said that is a factual claim, I refer you to the internet. Please make the appropriate translations from funny speech to normal English before you run your searches.

  • Edmond

    “Friendly” doesn’t mean bending over backwards (or forwards) while religion’s tentacles infiltrate every aspect of society and government; we get sick and tired of this invasive policy. And there isn’t anything “unfriendly” about atheists having a laugh at a comedian on an atheist website. No one forced you to come here and watch it, and no one has called you a bigot.

    But if we did, it certainly wouldn’t be a “game”. I saw the garbage you posted from on the other thread, “A Rebuttal to the Argument That Gay Couples Can’t Get Married Because They Can’t Produce Children”. What an insulting, demeaning, dehumanizing piece that was. How do you get off spreading the idea that gay people are inadequate and defective, or that support of gay rights is “delusional”, and then come here to complain about being called a bigot (which no one called you)? It’s a good thing your religion doesn’t call itself “friendly”. There is nothing friendly about the religious drive to marginalize people who are different from them, or to limit their ability to protect their loved ones. My desire to fight for the rights and protections of my family is not a “game”.

    Atheists have plenty that we believe, beginning with the idea that beliefs should be supported with realistic evidence before they are believed. Sorry you don’t share that. And we are bonded together by our mutual disgust of religious over-reach, as that absurd institution attempts to force non-adherents to live according to religious dogma, through the force of government authority.

    If your religion could learn to live with others, instead of pronouncing everyone “evil” who doesn’t toe your supernatural line, then you might see a lot more friendliness from people who don’t share your beliefs. Don’t want to be called a bigot? Then stop trying to convince the world that everyone should have the right to reject gay people as whole human beings with whole relationships. Stop patting your popes on the back for ignoring the horrific crimes of their clergy. Stop expecting rational adults to pay respect to magical ideas like resurrection or talking animals.

  • Paul Grimm

    Yeah there is nothing good that came from the Catholic Church. Except for the scientific method, hospitals, universities, the Big Bang theory, millions of charities, etc. damn those Catholics for indoctrinating their children to love one another and serve the poor

  • Mark W.

    And the bigger the hat, the more crap you get to write

  • Edmond

    How is this even a reply to anything I said? At what point did I say “Nothing good ever came from the Catholic church”, which would prompt you to come back with this? Did you reply to the wrong person? You didn’t address a single thing I said, and your reply is unrelated to any subject I brought up. This was as relevant as complaining that people were calling Catholics “bigots”, when no one was doing that.

    Children can be taught to love one another and to help the poor, WITHOUT also being taught that gay people deserve to stand outside the doors of society looking in. Atheists teach their children to love one another and to help the disadvantaged, and they do it without teaching kids that they’ll burn for all eternity if they don’t. Catholics COULD do the same, but maybe they only think that altruistic behaviors must be motivated by fear and obedience.

    Do you have no reply to what I’ve said about the religion-driven barrier which prevents gay couples from fully protecting their families and loved ones? Do you simply not CARE about what gay people want to protect? Are they just too “unnatural” for you to consider them part of humanity?

    Have you nothing to say about the Catholic church’s abysmal record of child abuse, and protection of abusers? If the company that I work for was implicated in these kinds of crimes, and in this quantity, we’d be pilloried for crimes against humanity worse than Enron or Blackwater.

    Don’t go claiming credit for your church for scientific developments that SOME Catholic individuals might have participated in. It took your church hundreds of years to apologize to Galileo. And I see nothing good in hospitals and universities that twist the definitions of who may be treated with equality and respect, when secular institutes do a much better job.
    I’ll acknowledge the good that can come from the church, once they stop polluting the world with all their bad at the same time. If people without gods can do the SAME good, while avoiding ANY of divisive mistreatment, then gods obviously provide no guarantee of good at all.

  • RobMcCune

    Actually this is let’s sit around and watch Bill Maher, the only person who talked about bigotry is you.

    If you’re going to show up and whine about how put upon you are you could at least have the decency (Oh who am I kidding, you’re catholic) to actually be put upon. You seem to get so much pleasure out of martyrbating it must be a sin.

  • MattD

    Catholism is critical of others, and in turn, they are criticized. Simple as that.

  • Amenemhat1

    No, I’m Hispanic, and it was just right…. Hilarious!