Boston Atheists and Secular Coalition for Massachusetts Release Statement About Marathon Explosions

Two of the larger atheist organizations in the state, Boston Atheists and the Secular Coalition for Massachusetts, just released this statement:

We know that we’re not alone among atheists and other secular people in wanting to show sympathy and support in response to today’s tragedy. Although prayer isn’t for us an option, we are ready to help by working with the Red Cross and other emergency and community organizations in any way possible.

Leaders of local secular organizations like the Boston Atheists and the Secular Coalition for Massachusetts have been diligently monitoring communications for any opportunity to respond constructively to the tragic events of the day. We may have a different religious perspective, but on days like today, those differences pale in comparison to what brings us all together as members of the community.

Our thanks go to the first responders and other support staff have came to the aid of the victims in Copley Square today, and who have been working since then to protect our safety. Above all, our thoughts and compassion are with the victims and their families.

Zachary Bos, Co-chair, Secular Coalition for Massachusetts
Massachusetts State Director, American Atheists
Immediate Past President, Boston Atheists

Ellery Schempp, Co-chair, Secular Coalition for Massachusetts

Mr. Josiah Van Vliet, President, Boston Atheists

They also suggested ways people could help or get help:

  1. Offer to babysit for friends or neighbors who because of today’s events would be helped by such support
  2. Sign up for aid appeals from the Red Cross
  3. As requested by the Boston Police Department, call 1-800-494-TIPS if you have any information about today’s events
  4. Fill out this form if you need a place to stay tonight in Boston. A list of people who have space to offer can be found here.

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  • Rocky Morrison

    You can’t say that the atheists ever let a tragedy go to waste.

    Start making internet points for the team!

  • Ruby Leigh


  • ganner918

    And there’s the old double standard – say something, and get accused of using the tragedy for gain. Don’t say or do something, and watch people use it to show how atheists don’t contribute to society like Christians do.

  • Chris B

    Would you have the same reaction if the pamphlet said we should “use the full force of God’s love to heal those injured in this horrific event”?

    The important thing here is not one’s motivation for helping, but that one is helping.

  • Paul Grimm

    I am a well known “troll” of this blog and even I disagree with you rocky. Thank God (if you atheists will excuse me) that all people regardless of religion or irreligion are helping victims in need

  • rgcustomer

    I’m glad to see atheist organizations offering options to people who need help. It fills a void for people who want service without the god talk, and it shows that local atheists are part of their community, not some isolated subculture. And, yes, it’s good PR. Some religions actually write that down as a key reason to do it. If they get praise, so should atheists.

  • TheBlackCat13

    I am sure you are also complaining to all the religious groups that are putting out similar statements.

  • Rocky Morrison

    “its’ good PR”.
    Priceless quote.

  • GCT

    These are good suggestions. I ask that anyone who is local (atheist or not) at least donate blood. With such a large volume of injuries, there’s sure to be strains on the available blood supply. So, even if you can’t donate today, donate tomorrow, or the next day.

    I’m also opening my house to stranded runners. If you’re local like me and can do so, please do.

  • baal

    Don’t you have something you need to do today other than harass people who are trying to help Rocky?

  • GCT

    To put yourself on the list to host people, go to Boston(dot)com where there’s a link that allows you to put in your information.

  • Meepsheep

    Clearly, this attack was an atheist ploy to promote their true “religion” (Judaism). Read the full story at

  • Richard Wade

    I just heard that there will be an interfaith service in Boston for the victims and their families on Thursday. President Obama will attend.

    Will any atheist or humanist group be invited, or allowed to participate if they ask to participate? If I remember correctly, nonbelievers were snubbed at the Newtown interfaith service.

  • GCT

    You are a horrible person.