In Case of Fire, Women Better Dress Appropriately

Stuff Fundies Like has a horrific story of Pensacola Christian College’s treatment of a female student — Just one portion is below:

Of course PCC isn’t known for really caring much about fire safety anyway. For years the rule has remained on the books that all female students must be in “proper” attire before they leave their rooms for a fire drill. If you happen to be sleeping in pajama pants, you must take the time to put on a skirt before you try to escape the flames. If you should perish then at least you’ll know you died for the cause of not tempting the fire fighters to lust after you.

It only gets worse from there…

Just FYI, I’ve contacted PCC to find out what their actual protocol is in the case of a fire. I’ll update this post if I hear back.

(Thanks to Anu for the link)

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