In Case of Fire, Women Better Dress Appropriately

Stuff Fundies Like has a horrific story of Pensacola Christian College’s treatment of a female student — Just one portion is below:

Of course PCC isn’t known for really caring much about fire safety anyway. For years the rule has remained on the books that all female students must be in “proper” attire before they leave their rooms for a fire drill. If you happen to be sleeping in pajama pants, you must take the time to put on a skirt before you try to escape the flames. If you should perish then at least you’ll know you died for the cause of not tempting the fire fighters to lust after you.

It only gets worse from there…

Just FYI, I’ve contacted PCC to find out what their actual protocol is in the case of a fire. I’ll update this post if I hear back.

(Thanks to Anu for the link)

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  • MD

    Just like Saudi Arabia!

  • jdm8

    Yes, because lust is worse than dying. And a skirt? Sounds like one of those devices designed to attract real-life flames.

  • TiltedHorizon

    Another Christian business opportunity; Flame (and lust) resistant burkas. Just what every girl fleeing a fire needs.

  • EpicusMontaigne

    There was a West Wing episode about this, except it was an all-girls school in the Middle East. Seriously, fundies terrify me.

  • Baby_Raptor

    I have to wonder if a rule like that would stand up in court.

    I know that most times a conflict like this would be a lost cause…You signed the paperwork, you submitted. But if it’s something that endangers one’s life like having to stop and change clothes when the building you’re in is on fire? I can’t see a judge agreeing that something like that is legal unless said judge is biased.

    I, however, am not a lawyer. Nor do I play one on TV.

  • Caroline

    Pajama pants. There is nothing sexier than pajama pants. Except maybe sweat pants. Flannel is my weakness.

  • Richard Lucas

    Good morning. I live in Pensacola, and here’s the scoop concerning PCC: They are a private institution, and as a result can enact all sorts of unusual rules and regs. Also, PCC is not an accredited school, and for that reason does not really care about the opinion of outsiders. They have nothing to lose in other words. Hemant, you may not hear back from them, especially if they know who you are.

  • GodVlogger (on YouTube)

    I think I understand their rationale…

    “Better to burn in the fires of a college dorm than to burn in the fires of hell.”

  • CelticWhisper

    I’ve heard that too. I think our best bet is to make sure this gets spread far and wide, so people who never heard of PCC before now know it as “that place that endangers its students with its dress code.” Massive bad publicity will force them to either dispel the rumor or face some combination of plummeting enrollment rates, fire-department inspections, lawsuits and wombat invasions (probably not that last one but I felt like I needed one more “plague of Egypt” to round off the list).

  • Richard Lucas

    Wow! I just now read the article that this blog post links to, and all I can say is WOW! It’s even worse than I thought. Everybody who has ever thought about sending one of their children to this school needs to read this. Having to put on a skirt when there’s a fire drill seems like a trifle compared to what could happen when a student gets sick.

  • The Other Weirdo

    Yeah, right. It’s a little hard to flee a fire when they’re pushing you back in with poles because (gasp) you are undressed for sleep. Makes it harder still to make a case for or against in front of a judge afterward. Back not sign shit like this in the first place, and parents who let this happen need to be beaten with Jaffa pain sticks. There was an incident like that in Afghanistan a few years back. Not the Jaffa pain sticks, but girls being pushed back into a fire at their school. ‘Cause, you know, modesty at all times and all that.

  • The Other Weirdo

    Wait, what? Private “educational” institutions are legally allowed to murder their students? Can this only happen during a fire, or can they deny medical services and just pray them to death? Inquiring minds want to know.

  • The Other Weirdo

    Afghanistan, I think. There was an incident like that years ago.

  • Octoberfurst

    I believe that was in Saudi Arabia. (Or it could be two similar incidents since we are talking about crazy fundies.) Anyway several years ago I read this story in the NY Times about a fire in a girls school in Saudi Arabia and the Morality Police—yes they have “morality police”–were forcing the pre-teen girls to go back into the burning building to get their hijabs. (After all, we can’t have the girls prancing around like little uncovered whores now can we?) A number of girls died when they were forced back into the burning school.

    To their credit the Saudi firefighters who arrived at the scene tried to put a stop to the insanity and even got into fist fights with the Morality Police. It caused quite a stir in Saudi Arabia at the time since these girls came from prominent families.

  • Skeptifilmmaker

    Here is their admissions application. You have to include a letter of explanation if you are divorced, separated, remarried, or a single parent but not if you have a physical impairment, had a drug/alcohol incident (which I’m assuming means any sort of trying including having your drink spiked), expelled or on parole. I’m going out on a limb here and making the assumption that if you check yes to any of the boxes in the last part, you’re automatically not accepted in the school.

  • Psychotic Atheist
  • Baby_Raptor

    Luna shitting moonrocks…

    I’m done for the day. I’m going to go curl up in bed with my Rarity doll and pretend as hard as I can that I don’t share this planet with people THAT Fucked up.

  • David Philip Norris

    Thinking about what you’re going to wear when you’re escaping from a blazing inferno? Ain’t nobody got time for that!

  • Duke OfOmnium

    It’s not murder; it’s only involuntary manslaughter. The college is not actually trying to kill its students; it simply disregards their lives as important.

  • A3Kr0n

    The leaders of PCC are the people who should be homeless eating out of garbage cans IMO.

  • MD

    It was in a girls’ boarding school in Saudi Arabia. The doors were locked during a fire because the girls weren’t covered up enough. 15 girls died.

  • mikespeir

    Ah. Well, never mind, then.

  • JET

    Except maybe a hunky firemen who might accidentally put his hand on your ass as he carries you out of a bur…………………….ning building. (Sorry, I got distracted.)

  • Billy Bob

    Just because they are private doesn’t mean they should be allowed to endanger their student’s lives.

  • onamission5

    Wait, what? Skirts can ride up and blow around when being carried out of building by a firefighter. PJ pants stay put. How is that more modest? Also, who the flying fuck cares about modesty when there’s fire involved? If a student’s clothes catch ablaze, is she supposed to go back to her room to get new clothes, third degree burns be damned? If a student is in the shower, is she supposed to brave the flames to make it back to her dorm room so that she can don appropriate evacuation attire? Fuck that, I’m jumping out a window naked if need be. Emergency services personnel have blankets.

    I am sitting here wondering if women firefighters will even be allowed on campus. After all, they are wearing sexy, slutty pants and the students who are *running from fire* might be tempted to lust after them. Can’t have that.

  • Matt Delemos

    Now there’s a use for that new invisible/cloaking technology I’ve seen. We can activate cloaking shields around women when there’s an emergency and they aren’t “properly clothes” so they don’t “tempt” those poor men just trying to make it to an honest afterlife.

  • Raising_Rlyeh

    Reminds me of something that either happened in saudi arabia or iran. There was a fire at a girl’s school and because some of the girls were not dressed “modestly” they were left to burn.

  • jenbo

    Can someone seriously explain to me why fundies honestly believe that skirts are more modest than pants? Pants are typically past the ankles, can be very loose, and stay put. Meanwhile, skirts are usually shorter, move up when the woman sits or the wind blows and don’t even need to removed it in order for a man to gain easy access – if you know what I mean. This seems to me to be an issue of men not liking the fact that women are wearing their special clothes.

  • Kevin_Of_Bangor

    As a former Vol. firefighter I could give two shits if you are clothed or not. If I’m performing search and rescue that means the building is on fire and my duty is to get you safely outside of the building. My brain is processing way to much information and it doesn’t care if you are gorgeous or not.

  • Kevin_Of_Bangor

    Have you never seen those long denim jean skirts? They go past the ankles when worn and even if a woman sits they don’t move very far above the ankle and no gust of wind is going to turn them inside out.

  • Stev84

    That came to my mind immediately. Religious fundamentalists are the same everywhere.

  • Stev84

    That really happened. 15 girls died:

    Though the official report dismissed at the accusations against the religious police.

  • EpicusMontaigne

    As I said, fundamentalists are insane.

  • Stev84

    Americans really need to get over their ridiculous deference to “private institutions”. It’s clear that many people think private places should be able to do whatever the fuck they want. Even if it violates commonly applicable laws and regulations. Even if it puts peoples’ lives in danger.

  • wmdkitty

    LOL @ “Luna shitting moonrocks”

  • David S.

    We had tornado alarms at university, and one of the students who apparently slept nude came running downstairs au natural. He was a little embarrassed, especially when he realized it was tornadoes in the area, not hitting the building, but even in conservative Oklahoma nobody got upset.

  • onamission5

    They’re also really hard to walk in unless they have a slit all the way up to the nethers. So either not safe for running from fire, or still not modest enough to pass muster.

  • Richard Lucas

    Evidently they can do all of these things and more. I’ve lived in Pensacola since 1981, and in all that time I’ve never heard of any negative consequences for PCC at all.

  • Richard Lucas

    CelticWhisper, Stev84, and Billy Bob – I don’t know if it’s true for this school or not, but in Florida some institutions are exempt from a number of regulations if they bill themselves as a religious institution. There was a notorious case a few years back in which an individual lost the license to operate a day care due to numerous infractions of the regs, and it was not a case of technical violations only – actual harm was involved. The owner knew exactly what to do however, and that was hang out a different shingle and continue as though nothing had happened. The only difference was the new business was a Christian day care.

  • Kevin_Of_Bangor

    I will admit, I’ve never seen any woman wearing one move faster than a normal walking speed.

  • Alice

    And pajama pants are usually loose, not form-fitting.

  • Alice


    When my university had fire drills, there were almost always a few girls who had to run outside in towels because they had been in the shower. No one penalized or criticized them, and this was at a Christian university that had a modesty code six pages long. The RA’s were just grateful they took fire alarms seriously. And even if it actually mattered, all the dorms were gender-specific, so the guys weren’t even close enough by to see the girls in the dark!

    Pajama pants is just the strangest thing to complain about: I guess fundies are so prudish that they’ve never heard of sexy nightwear.

  • Alice

    Heck, just do it all the time. After all, we must protect the poor defenseless men from all the Jezebels who sexuallly prey on them. :)

  • Paul Reed

    It’s about control. They have to do as they’re told. Skirts are “modest” in that the women wearing them are modest/meek and don’t try to upstage men by doing anything noteworthy, creative or independent.

    Edit: It’s a symbol of their “place in life”