This May Be the Least Useful Oklahoma Fundraiser

The people in Moore, Oklahoma need a lot of things right now: Food, water, shelter, their families…

So this fundraiser is just mind-boggling:

Moore, Oklahoma was struck by an EF5 tornado on May 20. Many people have nothing left. Lots of folks are helping with basic needs, but they also need Bibles. I found a place that will sell me Bibles for $1 each, if I buy at least 1,000 Bibles. I want to buy more Bibles than that. Please help me get Bibles to the people of Moore, Oklahoma who have lost everything!

And when they’re done reading those Bibles, they can place them on their bookshe–oh, right.

I’m not asking anyone to boycott this fundraiser or anything. It’s just amazing to me, though, that anyone could seriously consider the Bible one of those necessary items after a disaster. I mean, without a magnifying glass or matches, paper isn’t going to be very helpful.

If you really want to get upset, think of how much food or water could have been bought for the same amount of money.

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