Rep. Steve King: If You Apologize for a Mistake and Ask for Forgiveness, Then We Live in a Christian Nation

If that headline didn’t make sense, it’s because Rep. Steve King (R-IA) didn’t make any sense either.

In an interview with WorldNetDaily, King explained that he once proved to Alan Colmes that America was a Christian nation.

His proof? Well… just watch:

Got all that? Because we expect that a man who accidentally runs over his neighbor’s dog would apologize to his neighbor and ask for forgiveness, that makes us a Christian nation. Somehow.

Those actions express the biblical principles of confession, repentance, forgiveness and redemption, he said.

“This is a Christian society.”

Except those aren’t Christian actions. Those are the actions of any decent human being. It’s as if King thinks no other religion is capable of confessing a wrong or forgiving somebody else.

What does King think atheists would do in that situation? Back up and run over the dog again, laugh, then speed away? (Okay, I wouldn’t put that idea past him…)

And even if those were Christian actions, how would that prove we’re in a “Christian nation”? It’s a complete non sequitur that only a religious nut could think makes any logical sense.

By King’s own definition, though, maybe he’s not a Christian since he has yet to apologize for saying gay people should stay in the closet if they wanted to avoid being discriminated against or defending Todd “legitimate rape” Akin or saying any number of crazy things during his tenure in Congress.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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