Betty Bowers: America is a Christian Nation… No Matter What the Facts Say

(via MrsBettyBowers)

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  • aoscott

    Dear god is that creepy

  • Knottie

    ROFLMAO.. Love this

  • Lofcutus

    Never heard of “her” before this post. Checking out the website and I’m falling out laughing. Same folks that are responsible for Landover Baptists are doing this. PRICELESS! Thanks for sharing.

  • crowley


  • curtcameron

    “Her” in quotes?

  • baal

    I love the little touches. Yeah, everyone will notice Jesus with a shotgun but the little screams from the kids as they are being taken out or the pennies stacking up appearing as she notices 40% of the country gets…New Jersey really dot the Is.

  • baal

    I suspect that Lofcutus is not really that great at gender issues so doesn’t get that quotes would be offensive regardless of the bodyparts ‘Betty’ was born with or not. For Lofcutus and similar people, if the presentation is as a woman use female prepositions with out quotes and with out irony (unless someone else expressly tells you otherwise).

  • Lofcutus

    You suspect rather frighteningly wrong. She’s a character, therefor “her” rather than her. You should just read what is written and not project.

  • Kevin_Of_Bangor

    I’ve loved her videos for a long time and yes, Jesus does save.

  • Lofcutus

    Because “Betty” is a character….

  • baal

    Sorry, my misinterpretation of your intent was entirely reasonable.

  • talkingsnake

    Holy shit – lay off the caffeine baal.

  • Artor

    Do you use scare quotes when referring to Luke Skywalker’s gender? Iron Man? Stephen Colbert? I suspect you don’t, so you might want to examine your biases before trying to reason that way.

  • Lofcutus

    Don’t bullshit us. It was a knee-jerk response, knowing nothing of the content that was being commented on (IE. Deven Green is an Actress that portrays a character named “Betty Bowers”). You simply projected the very worst perceived possibility as to what you are experiencing.

  • Artor

    The actress is female, the character is female. There was no reason to put scare quotes around her gender. I’d accept that it was done in a moment if inconsideration while typing, but the way you’ve dug in your heels to defend the mistake is starting to show some issues you might have with “women.”

  • Lofcutus

    Whatever “man”? “I” was simply trying to appreciate the post, and “you” just keep putting some bent meanings in “sentence.” I doubt that “anyone” would be offended to refer to Goofy as a “dog” or Anakin as a “jedi”, but call “a” fictional character “her” and your anus goes into “complete pucker mode.”

    I officially fictionally apologize to the fictional Betty Bowers, for insinuating she was not a real thing, having no existence beyond a script and scene.

  • Lofcutus

    I’d have done the same this is the character was a “him”…. Do I have issues with “men” as well? I need a biased third party such as yourself to tell me my meaning.

  • Artor

    Dude, you’re forgetting the First Rule of Holes; when you find yourself in one, stop digging.

  • closetatheist

    I’m disappointed that she didn’t mention that Abraham Lincoln was not a Christian; after the founding fathers he seems to be the next highly revered president. His close friend William Herman stated that the man wavered between atheism and believing in an unnamed form of providence and Lincoln himself never joined a church and dismissed prayer and the Bible as irrelevant…I think many Christians would be shocked to learn that Lincoln wasn’t inspired by the jeebus man to abolish slavery – just think how it would blow their minds to know that it was a man who seriously considered atheism.

    Side note: I’ve heard Christian and atheists alike make the claim that all US presidents were Christian and I’d like to point out that that is NOT true.

  • 3lemenope

    Personally I found the accusations of misogyny pretty extremely premature.

    Could just be me.

    In any case, his explanation of the quotes usage was plausible, so continuing to insist that it was done in pursuit of some misogynistic impulse and that the explanation that it wasn’t is mendacious is shaping up to be a giant hole of its own.

  • Artor

    I’m not making accusations; I and others just pointed out that “her,” could be read as misogynist. I would have expected an “Oops!” and let the issue drop, but for some reason, Lofcutus instead chose to offer some pretty thin rationale (not plausible to me at least) for using scare quotes on “her.” I’m wondering about the defensiveness, and it is suggestive of underlying issues.
    Scanning his comment history, I see nothing to actually suggest misogyny, but neither do I see any evidence that he uses scare quotes for any male characters.

  • b s

    True, but…

  • Matt D


  • JA

    “The facts contradict my opinion, and my opinion is the only thing that matters.”

  • Kevin_Of_Bangor

    As one who loves the sport of ice hockey, well played sir, well played and just so people know his last name is pronounced Sa-Tan.

  • Houndentenor

    I love Deven Green. Everything she does is hilarious. Betty Bowers is always good for a laugh. Sadly, it’s not that exaggerated from things I hear people say all the time in real life. FML.

  • L.Long

    Betty is THE MAN!!!
    Well metaphorically anyway.
    Her xtain marriage is a real chuckle!

  • Hat Stealer

    That just makes it worse, because now not only is his name “Satan,” but it sounds foreign as well.

  • b s

    He is czech, I usually heard it pronounced with a sh- or almost zh-, but definitely with the accent on the -tan.

  • SphericalBunny

    I don’t think I’d be capable of saying that without using jazz hands.

  • Sunny Day

    We’ve long gone past the point where, at my job, I would have just issued my most sincere sounding “apology” and walked away knowing that I shouldn’t trust the other person with anything more complicated than stapling one piece of paper to another.


  • sara

    I suspect (and I am also inappropriately putting words in his mouth here) that the quotes were meant to show that he understood it was satire. Has anyone here never been embarrassed after having fallen for a Landover Baptist posting?

  • Jon Peterson

    The assumption of misogyny by baal is dependent upon the assumption that Lofcutus mistook the actress for a transgendered individual, which she is not. That thing that they say about assumptions? Well, this is why they say it.

  • Rain

    Green was the voice for the Canadian versions of Walt Disney commercials.

    That explains why they have the funny accents up there in Canada. They don’t listen to the American version of Disney. Nobody ever learns how to talk American.

  • allein

    Noooo! NJ is already crowded enough!!
    I heard the screams but I missed the pennies…was too busy waiting for the NJ joke, I guess (I read the comments earlier but I can’t watch videos at work.) Oh, well, guess I’ll just have to watch again.

  • Bdole

    I tried to upvote you (and I did) but I also hit the down button. Then I tried to undo it. It started going into some kind of Fibonacci type escalation! Sorry. :(
    Iiiiiiit’s Satan! *jazz hands*

  • Friendly_Autist

    Is that Stephen Colbert’s wife?

  • Greg G.

    What this language needs is a few good, five cent, non-gender specific, singular, personal pronouns.

  • baal

    I don’t agree with your assessment of my assessment. I was objecting to using the quotes since to me it implied a question about Betty’s gender when there isn’t one. Lofcutus said that was not his intent and I’ll take him at his word. My reading was not out of line. I don’t think Lofcutus is misogynist (one post is not sufficient evidence).

  • Lori F

    Is she human?

  • Mairianna

    I thought Satan was a Canadien?!

  • b s

    Team or nationality?

    My mistake, he is actually Slovakian, but he never played for the Canadiens

    Also of note:

    Number of Stanley Cups won by Jesus: 0
    Number of Stanley Cups won by Satan: 1

  • iamgog

    You know that there are very few Hispanic players in the NHL.

  • David Starkey

    America is NOT a Christian nation. That is why freedom FROM religion comes BEFORE FREEDOM OF RELIGION in the bill of rights.
    The founding fathers said so in their private writings too.
    Anyone who says “no matter what the facts say” IGNORE THEM IMMEDIATELY!

  • Travis G.

    She’s a character played by Deven Green.