Anglican Archbishop Who Chides Others For Not Loving the Poor Enough Lives in a Palace

I wrote yesterday about the lack of self-reflection by U.K. Archbishop John Sentamu, whose Anglican Church is both ultra-wealthy and keen on special tax breaks; His Excellence nonetheless believes he has the moral standing to harangue smart taxpayers into coughing up more money to save dying children.

An attentive reader sent me a picture of the Archbishop’s residence, called Bishopthorpe Palace, near York. And a palace it is indeed. I found some additional photos of the mega-mansion for you.

Not too shabby, eh?

Here’s a look at the inside of Archbishop Sentamu’s digs.

I wonder in which one of those innumerable grandly furnished rooms His Grace pens his sermons, with divine inspiration, admonishing the flock to do more for the downtrodden and the poor.

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