In Anticipation of the Next Natural Disaster…

(In response to this article)

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  • Richard Wade

    I wasn’t able to access the video with this ancient computer. Did Robertson actually attribute the next natural disaster to the SCOTUS decisions? If so, that’s hilarious and clever. Since natural disasters happen with great reliability as long as you don’t specify exactly what and when they will be, he can claim being prophetic about it as well as blaming it on the evil gays and their evil allies.

    I find this doddering con artist soooo tiresome.

    • M J Shepherd

      Not specifically, opening the door for self-fulfilling prophecy. God will apparently do something drastic now.

      I will be sad to see him shuffle off the mortal coil. He’s so full of inspiration for us non-believers.

    • allein

      Doddering is a good word :)

    • Rich Wilson

      I’m pretty sure the floods in AB are due to Canada legalizing same sex marriage a decade ago.

  • TheYazata

    I had to read that three times. Shouldn’t it say ‘For the next big disaster’ ?

    • Terry Firma

      Good catch. You’re correct.

    • M J Shepherd

      Fixed. I had another image dealing with this and it had “…for the next disaster” that I had to read to myself several times. I didn’t get around to fixing this one sooner though. Thanks.

  • DougI

    It wasn’t supposed to rain last night but we had a huge thunderstorm and it knocked down a bunch of trees. God’s wrath was upon us. However, we did need the rain. Just so we prevent a drought can we allow gay marriage in more states? It’ll save me from having to water the plants.

    • allein

      You must have gotten the big storm with possibbility of tornadoes that I was supposed to get last night. All I got was a few grumbles of thunder and a fairly brief downpour. All this heat and humidity this past week has been sadly unproductive of a good storm.

  • cary_w

    It’s supposed to be 105F in Salt Lake today, so I guess God is punishing Utah for accepting gay marriage.

    Oh, wait….

    OK, I guess God must be giving us a taste of the fires of Hell because our idiot legislators passed a constitutional amendment defining marriage as only between a man and a woman, that must be it!

  • Aaron Parker

    Is there planning, direction , guidelines, regulation or even some semblance of responsibility ? We are all only worried about the short term gains little worrying about the long term consequences like the one Uttarkhand experienced recently. With globalistion and liberalisation policies craving the way for materialism, man’s greed knew no bounds.

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