After Nearly Being Killed for His Atheism, Bangladeshi Blogger Still Faces Blasphemy Charges

Earlier this year, I posted about Asif Mohiuddin, a 29-year-old Bangladeshi man who was attacked for blogging about his atheism.

Asif Mohiuddin

Of course, this being Bangladesh, Asif was sent to prison… for “hurting religious beliefs.” (That’s not a typo. It really makes no sense.)

He may be leaving jail soon, but the International Humanist and Ethical Union point out that he’s far from being truly free:

[Mohiuddin] is now set to be released on bail in a matter of days. However, his health has deteriorated in jail, he will be in [severe] danger upon release, and he still faces formal charges, a trial and potentially more severe sentencing later in the year.

Reporters Without Borders said today, “It is regrettable that the judicial authorities took so long to release Mohiuddin despite knowing that his state of health needed special medical attention that was denied him all the time he was held.

In his honor, the IHEU is reprinting (in English) one of Asif’s final blog posts before going to prison in which he talks about the murder attempt on his life (link includes some graphic images):

My entire body and the spot where the attack took place were completely drenched in blood. I was bleeding badly; still, I was trying my best not to collapse. I realized I must live. This sheer will to live out-shadowed my sensation of pain and injury. After a minute or two a couple of men came by from a nearby shop. I requested one of them to find my spectacles which I lost midst the attack. After getting my glasses back I asked one of them where is the nearest hospital. Luckily there was a small clinic just next to the main road, very nearby. Enforced with the aforesaid ‘sheer will to live’ I ran to that clinic.

I do not know whether I am going to be attacked again. So far all the alleged hit-lists published by Islamists contain my name, it is very possible that I am going to be attacked again. Humayun Azad once said — “Speak, for the cup of hemlock is not yet on your leaps”. Therefore, I will keep speaking, I will be writing as long as I am alive, as long as the cup of hemlock is not pushed to my lips.

Damn, that’s one brave guy.

Asif, I look up to you and I hope you stay safe. Keep fighting the good fight.

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