Video of the Atheist Monument Dedication Ceremony in Front of the Bradford County Courthouse

Yesterday, American Atheists unveiled a bench engraved with quotations from prominent atheists and church/state separation advocates in front of the Bradford County Courthouse in northern Florida. It was in response to a Christian group’s Ten Commandments monument that county officials had allowed on the premises.

Now, we have video of the full ceremony from start to finish (via CRUClEFICTION):

Leave any noteworthy timestamps/summaries in the comments!

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  • Rain

    Cult of Dusty arguing with the preacher dude at 58:00…

    • McFidget

      That’s Sye ten Brugencate, a particularly annoying presuppositionalist. He’s also Eric Hovind’s tag team partner.

      • Rain

        Ah ha thanks I thought he looked really familiar.

    • Rain

      Jeepers he got up on a chair and started yelling at everyone. WTF, lol.

  • EllieMay

    Just some thoughts as I watch.

    Is that Venomfangx at 0:50? I can’t really hear his voice, but looks like him?

    It was awfully nice of the organizers of the dedication ceremony to invite a Christian to speak; were they also nice enough to invite an atheist when they dedicated the 10 Commandments monument?

    Can anyone read the sign the lady behind the speaker is holding at 12:26?

    So much media capturing the preacher @ 55:03 Giving that guy way too much attention.

    I’m actually quite impressed with how well behaved the Christians were during the actual ceremony. The street parade in the background @10:29 certainly added a little flavor to the event!

  • Rain

    David Silverman swears to God at 54:00, disproving atheism.

    • Randay

      At 48 min Siverman makes the point that Xians don’t read their bibles so they are scammed by crooked preachers and politicians. I add that they are also scammed by people selling bible study books and there are many. Here are just two: “How to Study the Bible and Enjoy It”(Yeah, the bible is a tough slog) and “How to Study your Bible: The Lasting Rewards of the Inductive Method”. That one tries to sound a little sciency.

  • Mario Strada

    Tripods, even a monopod would have done wonders. Aside from that, a great video.

  • Mario Strada

    I found the preacher in a blue shirt to be particularly obnoxious. Were atheists making speeches after they unveiled their monument? I doubt it. If there were, they would have been relegated where the nutters were on our unveiling.

    I consider it in very bad taste on their part. Hoving too. It’s not like he is not all over youtube already. I mean, this was our party. Should we start crashing church services and tell them to go talk with the fat guy preacher?