A Reminder of What ‘Religious Persecution’ Really Looks Like

Benjamin Corey would like to remind his fellow Christians of the difference between real and imagined persection:

If your co-workers leave the break room when they see you coming, no longer invite you to happy hour, and generally walk in the opposite direction when they see you coming due to the fact they are tired of you forcefully trying to convert them in every conversation… you are not experiencing anti-Christian persecution. Instead, you are simply being persecuted for being annoying. Don’t like it? Good news — the persecution for being annoying will stop as soon as you decide to no longer be annoying.

Hilarious and so on target. Benjamin’s takeaway message:

Being persecuted for our faith is different than being persecuted because we’re acting like jerks.

Read his whole piece. I’m sure your conservative Christian family members can’t wait to see it show up on their Facebook walls, either.

(Thanks to Sam for the link!)

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