God Must Be Sending a Message: Creation Museum Visitor Struck by Lightning

The headline pretty much says it all, doesn’t it?

A person was struck by lightning on Wednesday while on the zip line at the Creation Museum in Boone County.

A call came in from the museum to Boone County Public Safety Communications Center at approximately 1:19 p.m. reporting a person was struck on the attraction, a dispatcher said.

Let’s get this out of the way: I really hope the person hit by the lightning bolt is okay. We have no word yet on the person’s name or condition.

That aspect of the story is truly depressing.

Everything else about it, though…

(Thanks to @AmsuRajbhandari for the link)

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  • Tainda

    I REALLY do hope they are ok!

    But I can’t stop giggling. Yeah, I’m a horrible person

  • Spuddie

    Zip-lines are the Devil’s work!

    Renounce the fast moving makeshift abominations!

  • Gus
    • MisterTwo

      You know, Zeus (I think Zeus owns lightning) and Thor (makes the noise!) are the only gods there’s really evidence for. They make their presence known literally every day!

      • Pepe

        And the FSM! I can’t believe you guys don’t see his noodly goodness every day! You blasphemers.

  • Frazzah

    I think god was really aiming at an atheist, he just missed. That is clearly the most logical explanation.

    • Conspirator

      Could be one of those atheists who sneak in there to mock the “museum”.

      • EvolutionKills

        What, did John Loftus or Seth Andrews sneak back in for a return visit? ^_^

        • Blue2013

          Hahahaha!!! Had same thought.

    • Kevin

      He has notoriously bad aim. Hitting people in New Orleans for gay marriage in Massachusetts, sending Sandy to save us from Mormons, etc.

      • allein

        That’s why I had no power for a week?! Damn Mormons…

        • C.L. Honeycutt

          Notice they come prepared with bicycles. All part of the conspiracy, man.

      • Len

        It’s a big universe and a small blue planet. Maybe god needs new glasses (or he lost his contacts).

    • qbsmd

      Between this, and the lightning strike on Touchdown Jesus, clearly Zeus lives in the southern Ohionorthern Kentucky area, and is annoyed with Christianity. Either that or evangelical Christians aren’t good at installing lightning rods or advising people to go inside when thunderstorms are coming.

  • CodeMonkeys

    Watch, you fucking watch. It’ll turn out to be an Atheist there for hilarity. YOU FUCKING WATCH.

    • baal

      You’re not the boss of me.

    • Edmond

      I was afraid of this too. But there’s an update, on their local news site for fox19.com, which states that this was a staff member at the museum who was struck. So, it’s unlikely that it was an atheist. Also, the article says, “Museum officials say his injuries are not believed to be serious.” So, sounds like he’s ok. Except that God REALLY doesn’t want him zip-lining.

      • GubbaBumpkin

        Also, the article says, “Museum officials say his injuries are not believed to be serious.”

        Yeah, but those folks at the Creation Museum believe a lot of wacky things.

      • CodeMonkeys

        Well, I guess that saves us a lot of humorous comments from Ken Ham. Though the fact that he’s a staff member is interesting. Is it like, part of their job to show people how to use the zipline? Sounds pretty fun, stupid religion and lightning aside. Side note, not sure why I garnered the dislikes. *shrugs*

        • DavidMHart

          “not sure why I garnered the dislikes.”

          I think you forgot your snark tags :-)

  • suzeb1964

    Irony can be a real bitch, can’t she?

    • the moother

      Understanding what irony really means is a bigger bitch.

  • Matthew Baker

    Didn’t YHWH get out of the direct smiting business a long time ago?

    • C.L. Honeycutt

      That was because his prescription expired and he couldn’t afford new glasses. Fucking Obamacare, making God closer to competent.

  • diogeneslamp0

    It had to be God. They don’t believe in the laws of physics…

  • GubbaBumpkin

    That God is usually nonsensical, but here’s a story where He finally says somethig sensible:

    Ex-pope Benedict says God told him to resign

  • BobaFuct

    This person’s survival is a testament to god’s power and mercy…truly miraculous!

    Ugh, I don’t know if that joke was worth the nausea it induced…

  • GubbaBumpkin

    A Creation Museum staff member was struck by lightning this afternoon.
    Since it was a staff member, I feel pretty confident it was not an atheist.

    • Major Nav

      Are you insinuating that this museum would violate state and federal law by discriminating hirees based upon their religion preferences? I’m sure they would never do that ;-)

      • McAtheist

        As an aside, and as an interested observer from the Great White North. How do they get away with discrimination by not hiring non Christian employees? Why can’t Muslims, Hindus, other religions and (gasp) atheists operate zip lines or man ticket booths?

        • allein

          You don’t admit that’s why you’re not hiring them.

  • Without Malice

    Zeus must be pissed that he didn’t get equal billing.

    • Ibis3

      Well that’s him in the post picture. So there’s that.

    • busterggi

      If only this had happened on a Thursday.

  • GubbaBumpkin

    A lightning strike at the Creation Museum in Petersburg did not seriously injure anybody, museum officials said.

    The victim was a zip line worker who was standing on the ground and holding a zipline when lightning struck.

    The victim, a male, was taken to Saint Elizabeth Hospital in Florence
    to be checked. His injuries were not believed to be serious, museum
    officials said.

    • Gus

      Oh good, now I don’t have to feel bad about mocking them.

    • sam

      Praise, Jebus. He spared the life that he smote (of course, if he had chosen to end the life that he smote, praise Jebus anyway).

    • Kevin

      “His injuries were not believed to be serious, museum officials said.” given what creationist do and don’t believe, it may be too soon to make any determination about his condition.

      • Hat Stealer

        Clearly God struck the guy with lightning but left him unharmed to show his followers just how miraculous he is.

  • averydashwood

    Maybe it was the rapture and only one person made it.

    • EvolutionKills

      Aw man, the Jehovah Witnesses are going to be pissed…

  • NickDB

    All hail mighty Zeus, we asked for evidence for god and Zeus is the only one to answer. Wonder if I could revive the ancient myths and make a mint, apart from not being able to look at myself in a mirror that is.

  • http://ncatheism.blogspot.com/ Jay Calendine

    Oh, man… this made me laugh so hard!! I mean, it’s terrible that anyone gets struck by lightning, and of course we know it means nothing, but still… what are the odds??? Aheheheheheh…

    • McAtheist

      An elevated zip line made of metal gets hit by lightning during a thunderstorm. I would bet on that happening – I would want approximately 3/1 odds tho’ – it’s not a ‘sure thing’.

  • viaten

    New slogan: “You’ll get a charge on our zip lines.”

  • Timmah

    Raiden wins. FRIENDSHIP! FRIENDSHIP???

  • Raising_Rlyeh

    It just shows that the creationists are worshiping the wrong god. They must atone for their sins and start worshiping the true creator lord raiden.

  • CommentMaker

    What if he was an atheist posing as a Christian who entered the park to find something to mock? If so, then it is merited. Right?

    • C.L. Honeycutt

      I’d ask you to please stop speaking gibberish, but I don’t believe in literal miracles.

      • CommentMaker

        You seem to never make sense. If you did, that would be a literal miracle.

        • C.L. Honeycutt

          Oh noes, not the “I’m rubber, you’re glue” ploy!

          • EvolutionKills

            OH NOES!

    • Spuddie

      …and he faked being struck by lightning just so he can sue the museum out of existence for gross negligence! /s

      • CommentMaker

        I am really trying to use reasoning, logic and evidence to see where your comment fits and, dadgummit, I cannot connect the dots. Let’s give it millions and millions of years to evolve into something.

        • Spuddie

          Just because you don’t want to take your prior comment to its conclusion, it doesn’t mean others can’t. =0)

  • JET

    Now that I know the person hit by the lightning is fine…ROFLOL. Seriously, I smell a lawsuit. What on earth were they doing operating an amusement park ride during a thunderstorm? It’s like they don’t understand meteorology or something.

  • Greg G.

    Must have been the sons of Boanerges.

  • Mick

    Was he touched by god or zapped by god?

  • http://springygoddess.blogspot.com/ Astreja

    Okay, that’s a bit freaky. We had a big storm here in southern Manitoba yesterday that just missed Winnipeg (I actually saw the clouds veer off to the northeast as I was standing in a supermarket parking lot). Later in the evening I was reading an article about Ken Ham having a hissy fit about a skeptic who had reviewed his museum, and I thought “Ah, the Creation Museum… Now there’s a place that needs to be hit by lightning.”

    Coincidence? I sure as heck hope so. Glad to hear the employee isn’t seriously hurt.

    • Artor

      Not too freaky. He was up high, handling the zip line equipment in a thunderstorm. The gods of thunder don’t appreciate such careless behavior, and have been known to smite the disrespectful.

      • http://springygoddess.blogspot.com/ Astreja

        What the Sam Hill was he doing in a high place during a thunderstorm? I thought everybody knew that was a Really, Really Bad Idea. I get nervous even opening an umbrella when there’s lightning in the vicinity.

        As to why I thought it weird, it was more the fact that I had mentally wished for a lightning strike just the night before.

        • EvolutionKills

          He just dodged becoming a Darwin Award recipient, that’s all. We haven’t evolved out of stupidity yet.

          • C.L. Honeycutt

            With the advent of technology and safety memes, we never will evolve out of it. No selection pressure. :(

            Or, if we were to interpret the evidence differently, Creationists will forever be of the “stupid” kind, because no macroevolution.

          • Spuddie

            “He just dodged becoming a Darwin Award recipient”

            Which would be ironic to say the least.

  • Compuholic

    I wondering why to expect serious injuries. As far as I understood it lightning struck while he was on the zip line. If he had no connection to the ground all of the electricity should have passed through the line and not through him.

    Of course the bang might have scared him to let go of the handle. But other than that I don’t see how he could have gotten injured.

    And why did he think it would be a great idea to use the zip line during a thunderstorm. Like swimming in a thunderstorm it is basically asking for trouble…

    • TheBlackCat13

      Even if you assume that is true, which I don’t think is necessarily the case, lightning bolts are extremely hot.

      • Compuholic

        True, but I think it is highly unlikely that he was struck directly. If you are hanging under a zip line the line would most likely be struck in which case I wouldn’t expect serious injuries.

        If he was standing on a platform while the line was struck that would of course be an entirely different story. Although the line should be well grounded if it was designed by any competent engineer. And if it was grounded you would not expect serious injury.

        You probably can even touch a lighning rod while relatively safely while lighning strikes (not that I am really keen on testing this theory)

        Of course there could be option number 3 that he wasn’t hanging on to the zip line and was just standing on a platform where he was hit. In this case he is lucky to be alive.

        • Madison Blane

          Oh, see now THERE’S your problem! You expected competent engineers at the Creation Museum! Competence and Ken’s ‘museum’ don’t exactly get mentioned in the same sentence on a regular basis. I know they believe in Intelligent Design and all, but don’t confuse that with the intelligence of their building designers.

  • Tobias2772

    FYI the news story said it was one of the Museum employees – working the zipline

  • D

    *Zap line

  • busterggi

    I can hardly wait for them to install the Test-Your-Faith exhibit where visitors are issued umbrellas and sent into a small room containing a large Tesla coil!

  • Jamie Carter

    I don’t think we have to get to the 3 strikes and your out rule do we smh

  • Joe Montoto

    Oh, it was a ZipLine worker? Maybe he worked the previous Sunday…a smite worthy transgression against the “Big Guy.” Unlike rape or slavery, of course.

  • Paula M Smolik

    On the zip line. Maybe the Christians prayed for the storm to pass then confidently left the ride open. So much for the power of prayer.