Ray Comfort: Humanism is to Blame for Miley Cyrus’ Twerking

On his daily online show today, Ray Comfort explained how Miley Cyrus‘ provocative dance at the MTV Video Music Awards was the result of her godlessness.

Eric Dolan at Ray Story has the clip:

She has prostituted herself in the most horrible public fashion and brought shame to [her father] and dishonor [to her mother], and what for, you know? It’s just very sad…

This is the fruit of humanism… If you abandon the Scriptures and lose the fear of God you’re going to go into humanism and say that man isn’t sinful, he is basically good, and anyone who goes bad has gone off the rails of being good. But here, Miley Cyrus hasn’t had a bad background or a broken family, she’s a sinful heart who’s given herself to things that are sinful knowing that she will get applause from men.

Or maybe her religious beliefs had nothing to do with it, and she was just going over the top as performers often do at that awards show. For publicity. For her own amusement. For who-really-gives-a-damn.

Incidentally, we don’t even know if Cyrus is an atheist, but some of her tweets point in that direction:

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