Former Congressman Allen West: ‘People Who Possess No Deep Faith Are Not Happy’

Former Congressman and right-wing blowhard Allen West was in Washington, D.C. today and he saw something that disturbed him: One of the bus ads from the Center for Inquiry’s new ad campaign:

West wrote on Facebook:

America has a Judeo-Christian faith heritage and promotes the free exercise of religion. However, it has been my experience in life that people who possess no deep faith are not happy. After all, as it says in Joshua chapter 24, “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” Yeah, we do need a Values Voters Summit and probably another Great Awakening in America.

Despite his presumably limited experience of hanging out with non-religious people, he feels perfectly comfortable making bold, untrue pronouncements about what we’re thinking. Which I guess makes him as irresponsible and ignorant as the current crop of House Republicans.

I would urge you all to let West know that atheists and others without “deep faith” are perfectly happy without God… but I don’t think he’s capable of changing his mind no matter what the evidence says.

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