Not to Be Outdone by the Satanists, Now a Hindu Group Wants a Monument at the Oklahoma Capitol

The floodgates are open and the view is glorious.

A week after the Satanic Temple said they wanted to put up a monument outside the Oklahoma Capitol building (in response to a Ten Commandments monument already on the grounds), a Hindu group is following in their footsteps.

Activist Rajan Zed put out a press release today saying that his group, the Universal Society of Hinduism, would be applying for a monument of their own outside the Capitol building, this one honoring Lord Hanuman:

One depiction of Lord Hanuman

[Zed] said that if the Oklahoma State Capitol was open to different monuments, we would love to have a statue of Lord Hanuman, who was greatly revered and worshipped and known for incredible strength and was perfect grammarian.

Rajan Zed stated that he had written to Oklahoma State Capitol Preservation Commission Chair Trait Thompson and others for detailed procedure, required forms, conditions to be met for approval, size and dimensions of the statue, etc., for permission to erect the Lord Hanuman statue, which they planned to make big and weather-proof.

If the Commission votes yes on the proposal, conservatives will flip out.

If they vote no, they’re just inviting a lawsuit.

This is beautiful.

Reporter Bill Sherman of the Tulsa World spoke with Thompson and asked if the Hindu monument would be approved:

“I suppose when one group gets some publicity, everyone else wants to make their point,” he said.

Is there any chance a Hindu statue will be built at the Capitol?

“I can’t speak for the commission,” Thompson said.

That’s the sound a man makes when he’s sinking in quicksand.

The lawmakers in Oklahoma brought this upon themselves. If they wanted a Christian monument, they should’ve known that others would ask for representation of their religious beliefs, too. I guess they didn’t anticipate that the requests would come from normally silent groups.

Incidentally, this isn’t Zed’s first run-in with politicians. In 2007, he delivered an invocation address in the Senate that was greeted with boos from angry Christians in the crowd.

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  • Todd Heath

    Now we need a Islamic and Buddhist monument. Keep them coming fellow Okies. Expose the intolerant fundamentalist hypocrites for what they truly are.

    • Gehennah

      Giant, 20 foot statue of Buddah would be awesome.

      • JohnnieCanuck

        The statue of Hanuman in Hyderabad is kind of awesome, at 135 feet. That would really put the Capitol on the map.

        • jrg1981

          The 200 foot high diorama of Xenu killing billions of people by nuking all the volcanoes on Earth is going to be immense!

          • Guest

            Yes. This! It’s cosmic.

          • Hurf Durfington

            Show me where to donate!

            • $84687101

              Ordinarily I’d be inclined to agree with you, but I think the Scientologists have bilked enough money out of their flock to build their own damn statue. Hell, Tom Cruise could fund it out of pocket.

              • GubbaBumpkin

                A compromise: let’s have Tom Cruise bronzed and put him on a plinth.

              • Rogue Medic

                A monument to Tom Cruise’s pocket – Scientologists worship it.


        • Tobias 27772

          Think of the tourism dollars that could come flowing in.

          • Rogue Medic

            Won’t someone please think of the tourism?!?!?


      • JT Rager

        We’ve got to make it over 34 feet to compete with this guy!

    • OooShiny

      The Hindu is a resident of Nevada, the Satanist a resident of New York. Residency could be the very loophole the fundies are looking for, and chances are good it would work to stop this entire initiative.

      Oklahoma is my home state as well, though am currently a Texan. There have got to be Hindus, Satanists and Muslims in Tulsa and OKC who’d be willing to step up.

      • Cindy Cooper

        The Satanist have people in OKC to represent them and I’m sure someone from the 5-7k Hindus in Tulsa alone will be willing to spearhead it. There isn’t going to be a legal way to deny them without removing the 10 commandments.

      • TheG

        The Satanists are based out of New York, but so what? Catholics are based out of Vatican City. Pentecostals are based out of Ted Nugent’s peyote induced haze.

        There are Satanists and Hindus in OK. Their respective churches will have standing in any lawsuit if even one of the OK members of those groups complain.

      • Greg G.

        I was thinking about all the Native American tribes in Oklahoma that might like to put up an homage to the religions of their ancestors.

        • notleia

          Well, there’s precedent of some asshole bitching about how he had to buy a license plate with a pagan symbol on it (statue of an Apache warrior shooting an arrow for rain into the sky). But I think the tribes have a much better chance of arguing for the history excuse. For Chrissakes, we’ve got a statue of a Native American on top of the dome of our capital building.

          • Benjamin Smith

            Isn’t there a HUGE statue of an Apache shooting an arrow in the sky on the campus of the University of Oklahoma?

      • $84687101

        The satanist says he’s got members in Oklahoma and that’s why he picked this battle. Hopefully they’ve both already got locals lined up.

      • I’mRightYerWrong

        From the Satanic Temple: “We have many active members in Oklahoma. They were the ones who apprised us about the monument. These are people who are willing to sign affidavits or submit whatever paperwork is necessary to affirm that they are both residents of Oklahoma City and members of The Satanic Temple. This is necessary, as Oklahoma could reject our request to place a monument at their State Capitol if there were no Satanists there to establish a need for representation. We also have membership in other areas where 10 Commandments monuments stand, but Oklahoma City seems particularly appropriate as their Capitol Preservation Commission indicated — in light of the controversy over their 10 Commandments monument — that they were receptive to more monuments. In fact, the 10 Commandments monument is said to be but the first installment in what is envisioned to be a “monument park”. Word is, the State Capitol is also in the process of constructing a chapel on their grounds.”

    • GodVlogger (on YouTube)

      Yes, perhaps the BEST case to show the illegal and inappropriate nature of government-situated homage to the judeo-christian religion is for them to be accompanied by statues to Buddha, Vishnu, etc.

      We atheists should be reaching out to minority religions and spurring them on to take actions like this.

      • Anymouse

        I don’t think our offer of assistance would be welcomed, in general.

        • GubbaBumpkin

          That’s where PayPal comes in. They don’t even have to know where the money is coming from.

      • Gaël Cassetari

        Depending on the avatar, that could be a lot of fun. Hannuman is very mild compared to what can be done with a Linguam and Yoni statues.
        And yes that would still be religious :)

    • Lionel Vogt

      I would love to see a monument of Narasimha tearing the guts form the demon possessed king

    • Bastoid

      A statue offered to the Norse God of Gods Odin. That would be proper.

  • Rogue Medic

    All of the non-Christian religions are supposed to pray to Saint STFU and wait until their prayers are answered.


  • JohnnieCanuck

    According to the Wiki, Hanuman has several epithets describing him. I think this one would make placement of his statue at the Capitol appropriate:

    Buddhimataamvarishtham, the one who is most senior among intellectuals.

    Also here is an inscription that might go with the statue:

    अमलकमलवर्णं प्रज्ज्वलत्पावकाक्षं सरसिजनिभवक्त्रं सर्वदा सुप्रसन्नम् |
    पटुतरघनगात्रं कुण्डलालङ्कृताङ्गं रणजयकरवालं वानरेशं नमामि ||

    यत्र यत्र रघुनाथकीर्तनं तत्र तत्र कृतमस्तकाञ्जलिम् ।
    बाष्पवारिपरिपूर्णलोचनं मारुतिं नमत राक्षसान्तकम् ॥

    It promises that Hanuman will be present whenever the praises of Rama are given. This is useful because he is able to slay demons. None of this wimpy exorcism stuff where they are free to invade another body after an eviction.

    • mucopurulent

      I’m wondering if the legislature will come up with some rule that whatever text displayed on the monument MUST be in original language. That way the 10 commandments will be in the original King James English, just like Jesus spoke.

      • Anymouse


  • JT Rager

    If you told me a year ago that anything good could come from Satanism, I would have thought you were crazy. I’d be eating my words at this point.

    • BoGardiner

      Yep. I regret a lot of things I’ve said about them, without having done the legwork I expect others to do about humanism.

    • $84687101

      It’s kind of interesting though that this is not the original official Church of Satan, but a new and completely different Satanic Temple that just happens to work off of some of the same source material. This one is based on a rejections of supernaturalism and treats Satan as a metaphor. One of their primary goals is simply to point out how ridiculous religion is. Which makes them winners in my book. If you haven’t already, you should go back to the piece Hemant linked above where he interviewed “Greaves” and also follow the link to another interview with him there. It’s pretty interesting stuff.

  • Matt Bowyer

    Love it. You allow one religion to have a monument, you have to allow all the others to have a monument. Either let everyone do it, or don’t let anyone do it at all.

    • Gehennah

      Hopefully they will soon realize that they shouldn’t have any of them shown, and just remove the 10 Commandments.

      • Spuddie

        I like the idea of a religious cornucopia of monuments. It tells the fundies “go suck it, you do not own the government”. Plus there is SCOTUS support for ecumenical inclusive actions when it comes to displays of such a nature.

      • N

        Although I agree, I’d rather see this one get built if I’m honest.

    • skinnercitycyclist

      It’s gonna start looking like John Fogerty’s prophetic vision from “Looking Out My Backdoor” at the Oklahoma capitol.

      • busterggi

        I’ll chip in for the giant spoon.

  • Neko

    Lord Hanuman, who was greatly revered and worshipped and known for incredible strength and was perfect grammarian.

    A god after my own heart.

    • JohnnieCanuck

      Funny you should say that.

      Look closely at what the statue above shows Hanuman doing with his hands. He is ripping his heart open to show Rama and Sita ‘literally’ in it. Other versions are a little more bloody.

      • Pepe

        This is the version I’ve learned when I was younger. He was super devoted to Rama and Sita.

      • Neko

        I hadn’t noticed the Sacred Heart of Lord Hanuman! Thanks for mentioning it.

        Oh Lord, help me to write better sentences.

  • Loic

    They get a monkey? No fair!

  • jen

    I squeed a little. Ok, a lot.

  • Rich Wilson

    Sweet, sweet, Karma!

  • Gehennah

    I love this. Any chance of a Pastafarian statue to be erected so all can bask in the gaze of his meatballs and touch his noodley appendage.

    • Jon

      And possibly have a plaque with a quote from Prophet Henderson.

    • FormerOkie

      Meet sauce be upon him. R’amen.

    • Todd Heath

      I’d donate money to see this one built!

    • Buckley

      Only if he is presented in his gluten-free state, or we will have to erect a competing monument.

  • Richard Wade

    This is hilarious. Thank you, Lucien Greaves and Rajan Zed for your dedication to your beliefs and to freedom of religion! More! More! Let’s make it a sculpture zoo!

    I’ve made several figurative public sculptures before. How about I start on a larger-than-life heroic equestrian monument of “The Four Horsemen,” Richard, Sam, Daniel, and Christopher?

    • $84687101

      Funny, but I’d be opposed to it. I’m not entirely opposed to statues of great atheist thinkers being erected, but I’d hate for it to look as if we’re revering them like gods or popes. That and I’m generally opposed to statues of living people. So maybe just Christopher.

      Here’s my counter proposal: a statue of Sagan’s invisible dragon clutching Russel’s Teapot.

      Maybe have a whole rolled up garage door with the dragon crawling out with the teapot in its mouth…otherwise you’re on your own to figure out how to reflect an invisible dragon in sculpture…

      • $84687101

        Sometimes I wish people who downvote would also comment. I can’t figure out if I came off as humorless, or if my downvoter is humorless….

        • baal

          I upvoted for the teapot/dragon and notion that we don’t really want the 4 horsemen turned into icons – it’s entirely the wrong message.

    • Stealth Avenue

      OHhhh I want to see this one on the white house lawn!!!

  • audreydc1983

    The irony is poetic.
    Hey – what about a Church of Trek monument? All power to the engines! LOL!

  • JH

    I feel generous, i could chip in a dollar or two for a monument to our galactic overlord the revered fsm.

    • Gehennah

      Hmm, wonder if that would quality for kickstarter, I’d gladly donate to get one there.

      And once OK comes to their senses and has them all removed (including the 10 Commandments) I’m sure we can find a new home for it. Outside of an Italian restaurant would be amazing and I’d gladly go there to eat some meatballs and spaghetti while being watched by the FSM’s meatbally presence.

      • JH

        Kickstarter, yes why not? There are other simolar sites as well that could be used!

  • FormerOkie

    It’s fitting that there is a Bill Hader gif here, since he is from OK. And it’s a good one.
    Just an observation.

  • virginiay

    I want the Flying Spaghetti Monster!!! rAmen to the Noodly Lord!!!!

  • MNb

    “This is beautiful.”
    No, The Flying Spaghetti Monster is beautiful. Because pastafarians were the first to use this strategy and Ramen! look how great it plays out.
    Does every single atheist and pastafarian around sitting comfortable on the fench?

  • lilyannerose

    I do admit that this is thoroughly enjoyable!

  • Lionel Vogt

    Excuse me, I would like the Egyptian goddess Bastet represented. Where do I file my request?

    • Guest

      I second that.

  • Greg G.

    They’re going to need another Facepalm Jesus in OKC.

  • Rosemarie Mack-Taylor

    Has anybody got a photo of the progress being made at the capitol? It would be a wonder for the world to see. This is terrific!

    • Brian Westley

      “We’re gonna need a bigger boat lawn”

  • OverlappingMagisteria

    This is fantastic! With the Satanist monument, I could easily see them dismissing it because its not a “serious” religion or because its an evil religion. (They’d be wrong on both counts, but they would probably still have public support for the sentiment.) But it’s much harder to dismiss Hinduism which is older than both Christianity and Judaism, and it’s much harder to argue that it’s an evil religion.

    • Rich Wilson

      According to the article comments, everything else is a ‘false god’

      • Sweetredtele

        i guess they’d be okay with the Crescent moon and star then since it’s the same god, except when it isn’t.

  • A3Kr0n


  • evodevo

    I vote for Ganesh – the elephant-headed god would REALLY REALLY make wingnut heads ‘splode !!! There are ~2.3 million Hindus in the US – waaay more than there are Satanists. Krishna FTW!

  • Richard Tingley

    This is exactly what we needed to happen.

  • unbound55

    How about Cthulhu? Since the Okies want to claim the Ten Commandments aren’t religious, but historical in nature, there can be no denying the historical importance of H.P. Lovecraft’s novels on various aspects of current culture.

    • busterggi

      There already is a giant statue of Cthulhu at the site. It was buried there 120 million years ago- I have faith!

      • baal

        It is time the for him to awake and take his place!

        • busterggi

          Postponed due to the disappointing performance of Comet Ison.

  • Birdie1986

    The BS argument that our government was founded on the 10 Commandments and not on Hindu principles is certain to be trotted out.

    • Richard Thomas

      And maybe the religious zealots will finally be forced to look down, actually READ their religious documents, and realize they’ve all been saying pretty much the same thing anyway.

  • busterggi

    Holy cow! Or is that the Buddist monument?

  • ArthurPaliden

    So when will the application to erect a statue of Mohamed be put forward.

    • small town girl

      Actually, that’s the one statute you shouldn’t see as Islam considers the depiction of Mohamed to be blasphemy. However, a juicy verse from the Koran would do nicely.

  • Brian Westley

    I dunno, I’m not sure Oklahoma is ready for a statue of a “perfect grammarian”.

  • Guest

    Oh Praise Rama, it’s the birth of the dancing monkey-god.

  • Roy Film

    Inevitable. I don’t even want a Flying Spaghetti Monster though. How about we save a lot of public dollars by representing NO belief systems? Or better yet, let’s invest that money in something worthwhile, like our citizens.

    • Lando

      I think the point is that once this local cavemen (wow, SwiftKey, somewhat appropriately, it seems, changed ‘government’) sees how ridiculous their original policy is, will reverse it before citizens turn their Capitol into a ridiculously cluttered, but perfectly legal, mess

    • Lurker111

      I fear you’re trying to be serious in a topic that has fallen wholly into the “comic relief” category. ;)

      • Rogue Medic

        Religion is comic relief –

        Except when they kill people to prove their God is more powerful.

        Except when they lock people up to prove that their God is more powerful.

        Except when they kill people to prove their God is more powerful.

        It is serious work killing, imprisoning, and torturing to prove that the imaginary is real.


    • Richard Thomas

      It’s not public dollars though. Otherwise I’d wholeheartedly agree.

      • Japooh

        It will be public dollars if it ends up in court.

        • Rogue Medic

          So the Christians anti-Americans should stop wasting the money of American citizens.


        • Richard Thomas

          Good point.

  • Shane Lees

    Where does one find the application process on the Oklahoma State website? I’d like to erect a Flying Spaghetti Monster.

  • Sanguinocrat

    You would think that in a “christian nation” this sort of thing wouldn’t be happening. Gosh darn that Constitution! :)

  • Dave The Sandman

    Im guessing Xmas came early for all the civil rights lawyers in Oklahoma.

    Ah the hilarity.
    Now what these groups also need to do is make sure that chapel the GOP goof is proposing to build in the state Capitol building also contains Satanic Temple and Hindu symbology (or just doesnt get built)….and hopefully a Muslim group will then get on board and insist on their place in the whole shebang.
    Someone call Dave Silverman – time for us atheists to get in on the party as well ;-)

  • Matt Potter

    ‘You shall have no other gods before me.’ LOL

    • baal

      I think they go up along the sides so that should be ok.

      the xtians also got the first one so noone else will be before god in time wise.

  • Ibis3

    As a former Pagan, I’ve always hoped that some Pagans would get in on this type of thing. The possibilities are endless, and potentially extremely uncomfortable.

  • Raising_Rlyeh

    “I suppose when one group gets some publicity, everyone else wants to make their point,” he said.

    Actually, to me it sounds someone is upset that people are challenging christian privilege

  • Gregory Marshall

    Oh, this is just so awesome, they can’t claim it is just same darned atheist trying to make a point. This is a religion asking for equal religion. Can’t wait to see the religious bigotry on this one.

  • $84687101

    This is glorious. More of this please. Every time Christian privilege rears its ugly head, lets have a thousand gods competing for space in the public square.

  • SeekerLancer

    I’ve been waiting for something like this to happen and it’s just as cathartic as I always imagined it would be.

  • Roger Bauman

    Why one Hindu monument? Why not have one for every god in the Hindu pantheon?

    • GubbaBumpkin


      There is a general perception among other religions that Hindus believe
      in 330 million Devas and Devis so Hinduism is essentially a pluralistic
      religion based on Dharma. This is a wrong perception because the 330
      million figure refers to “Deities” which are the manifestations of One
      Supreme Being-Ishwar of Parambrahamn. In the Vedas, Thirty-three Deities are listed. This is followed by the Sanskrit word koti, which is used for “class”[15] but can also be used for a number equal to 10 million. According to one view, some scholars misinterpreted the word koti – which is meant to mean “class”, claiming that there are 330 million gods within Hinduism.[10] Another view contends that 330 million is a figure symbolizing infinity, indicating infinite forms of God.[16][17][18]
      A.C.Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, founder of International Society
      for Krishna Consciousness, writes in his comments to Srimad Bhagavatam, that there are thirty-three million demigods.[19] …

  • Richard Thomas

    ” Lord Hanuman, who was greatly revered and worshipped and known for incredible strength and was perfect grammarian.”

    Notwithstanding the irony in that grammatically incorrect statement, that description alone should win them the vote of the internets.

    • $84687101

      Not notwithstanding, because of the irony in that grammatically incorrect statement.

      Hanuman – the god of the internet?

  • John H

    Scientologists have money, right? Granted they’re more self-aware of the pyramid scheme aspect of their religion than others, so they might not really worry much about separation of church and state and political representation as much as making (and keeping) cash, but they *could* fund a sweet Xenu statue or scale-model DC-8, no?

    • Pitabred

      Yeah… but that’d be giving even more legitimacy to them. If they weren’t significantly more dangerous and sociopathic than most religions, I would agree, but that’s like asking a bear to sit in your corner because he’s bigger than the other guy.

  • Benjamin Smith

    Wait….. isn’t all of this for naught? The ACLU had a great case of just shutting it all down. Christian, Hindu, Satanist, it’s all a huge violation of the separation of church (any church) and state.

    • GubbaBumpkin

      This will help the ACLU case if the non-Christian monuments are rejected.

  • GubbaBumpkin

    red tape

    Both House Speaker T.W. Shannon and Senate President Pro Tem Brian
    Bingman suggested that such a plan was far from a reality, and members
    of the committee that would need to approve the monument sounded

    Both the Satanists and Hindus should pay attention to this requirement for committee approval. They should demand in writing a list of the criteria to be used in judging the acceptability of any monument.

    • lmern

      I know Lucien Greaves is prepared to doctor their donated monument to whatever specifications demanded. Both and all groups looking to provide a religious statue should most certainly be cautious to meet every guideline to reduce reasons for rejection. I really hope to see them all approved and represented.

      • Pitabred

        As long as the guidelines are applied fairly and not unreasonable. No “It can only be a flat stone with writing on it, and two rounded humps on top” type stuff.

        • lmern

          lol. My thoughts exactly.

          • GubbaBumpkin

            Yup. And then someone needs to take the list and verify that the 10 commandments monument actually meets the criteria.

  • Benjamin Smith

    Mormons, you’re on the clock! It’s time for a massive Joseph Smith robot statue!!!!

  • Rain

    “I suppose when one group gets some publicity, everyone else wants to make their point,” he said.

    Nice succinct summary of the law (I think) lol. Poor guy, everybody wants a piece of the pie. Whatcha gonna do.

  • The_Intellectual_Atheist

    I think people should reach out to as many religions as they can to request monuments be put up in representation of their religion. That would balance the terms and cause the ruling majority to put their money where their mouth is when they pretend all religious monuments are acceptable and welcome. It would be great if we can reach out to as many religions as we can to represent themselves. It’s all or none.

  • baal

    I’m hoping they get many more monuments. Maybe they could make it a touristy thing and call it ‘graveyard of the gods’ or somesuch.

  • onamission5

    This pleases me to absolutely no end.

  • joshuaism

    I believe the Hindus may have a better chance of getting a monument set up or having the 10 commandments removed. Courts have a lot more respect for first amendment rights when they come out of sincere expressions of thought. Much of Satanism smacks of contrarianism and playing the gadfly, a position I respect, but many people (and judges) do not.

  • Leah

    I’m a Christian, but I have to say, I’m enjoying Thompson’s awkward, nervous reply almost as much as the rest of you.

    • The_Intellectual_Atheist

      Great! Grab some popcorn and watch it all fall apart with the rest of us

      • Leah

        Will do. And I say “almost” because you all have been waiting longer. Evangelical Christians invited this “problem,” hoping nobody would cash in on it, and now it’s here. Oops.

  • Since1638

    I could see the commission saying that the ten commandments are related to law, so any statue must relate to the history of law. I would suggest that any application for a statue make sure that it can be reasonably tied to law within that religion. That shouldn’t be too hard, and it would make it more difficult for the commission to reject.

    • Turth Until Paradox

      The first four commandments are an appeal to gods vanity and have no basis in our law. First Its not illegal to worship any god other than the christian god so that has no basis in our governmental law. Second. Its not illegal to worship symbols or make graven images. We do this all the time, look at corporate logos. Third its not illegal to swear or use gods name in vain. Fourth. People work on sundays and saturdays and its not illegal to do so. Fifth,Its not illegal to no honor your mother and father.Sixth, yes it is illegal to kill another, but thats true for any civilized society and would come naturally by order of law. Seventh, Its not illegal to cheat on your spouse if it was prisons and jails would be overflowing with people. Eight is another extension of civilized society and is illegal. Ninth, under certain circumstances it is illegal to lie. Tenth, It is not illegal to covet another mans wife or anything for that matter. Two and half out of ten commandments have influence on our laws and society but the rest do not. Saying that our entire law and system is based on the ten commandments, when the majority of them have no basis in our law and society and are near impossible to enforce in a free society, is fallacy.

    • GubbaBumpkin

      I don’t see any reason to play a guessing game. Demand a list of criteria from the approval committee before designing and submitting your monument.

  • Jim

    Muslims, please join the party by adding the following inscription:
    They have certainly disbelieved who say, ” Allah is the Messiah, the son of Mary” while the Messiah has said, “O Children of Israel, worship Allah , my Lord and your Lord.” Indeed, he who associates others with Allah – Allah has forbidden him Paradise, and his refuge is the Fire. And there are not for the wrongdoers any helpers.
    O People of the Scripture, do not commit excess in your religion or say about Allah except the truth. The Messiah, Jesus, the son of Mary, was but a messenger of Allah and His word which He directed to Mary and a soul [created at a command] from Him. So believe in Allah and His messengers. And do not say, “Three”; desist – it is better for you. Indeed, Allah is but one God. Exalted is He above having a son. To Him belongs whatever is in the heavens and whatever is on the earth. And sufficient is Allah as Disposer of affairs.

  • Shiznaw

    Can’t wait to go to India and Try this shit. oh Wait, you Can’t!!!

  • JA

    That popcorn .gif is just pure excellence.

  • Blue

    Check out the discussion on our Facebook page: Living Blue in Oklahoma

  • GubbaBumpkin

    No mention of the Moonies yet. It would be great to have a statue of Jesus’ younger half-brother up there.