After Showing Up to His Live Event, Skeptics Debunk Promoter of ‘Touchless’ Karate

Master Jukka Lampila is a Finnish con artist who claims to be able to teach you a form of karate that requires no kicks or punches. All you need is your mind and your opponents will be defeated. It’s called “EFO” or Empty Force and it’s all a trick.

Lampilo, in the foreground, “defeats” his “attacker” by using his “mind”…

Last week, Lampila was giving a demonstration of the technique in Spain (you bet your ass there was a pricey entrance fee) and a few skeptics decided to pay him a visit. I seriously don’t know why Lampila allowed cameras to be there…

While he “demonstrates the power” for the first couple of minutes, the fun begins at 2:28 when the skeptics decide to allow Lampila to use his powers on them:

Turns out the Empty Force is running on empty.

This is exactly what would happen if skeptics showed up at a Benny Hinn-like faith-healing seminar, too. When you see those scammers touch (or almost touch) someone on the forehead and the person falls backwards, that’s just the power of suggestion at work. They want to believe so badly that they’re willing to play along.

It’s the same trick hypnotists use.

Hats off to the Skepticool team for debunking this fraud. One down. Many more to go.

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