Atheist Banner in Illinois Vandalized the Same Day an Article About It Appears in Local Paper

This year, just like last year, the Freedom From Religion Foundation chapter in Chicago put up a sign at North School Park in Arlington Heights reminding passersby that they should let reason prevail:

The Daily Herald even reported on the sign yesterday:

The Nativity scene, paid for by Jim Finnegan, chairman of the Illinois Nativity Scene Committee, sits next to a sign from the Freedom From Religion Foundation reading, in part, “Religion is but myth and superstition that hardens hearts and enslaves minds.”

The two displays were approved by the Arlington Heights Park District under its new policy for petitioners, including that they must clearly post that the displays are not paid for or supported by the park district.

“To me that’s intolerant and demeaning to put next to a holy symbol,” Gregory Novak, said of the anti-religion sign.

No less “demeaning” than a faith that condemns all non-believers to suffer for all of eternity.

In any case, I can only assume that Christian love was in full bloom because, by the end of last night, the atheist banner had been ripped up:

Group President Tom Cara wrote in an email to members last night:

Apparently someone felt their right to freedom of speech and religious expression was to take a knife to the center of our message.

The banner was supposed to come down this Sunday — so a replacement banner wouldn’t even be worthwhile at this point. But maybe that’s okay. Let the ripped sign be a symbol of what atheists have to put up with on a regular basis.

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