Boone County (Kentucky) Students Will Receive Book About Atheism on the Last Day of School… Thanks, Christians!

Earlier this year, Gideons International requested and received permission to leave Bibles at a Kentucky public elementary school in Casey County so that interested children could pick them up.

In response, the Tri-State Freethinkers group decided they also wanted to play the game by leaving books promoting Humanism at the same school. The district had no choice but to allow them to do it.

Some parents, in response, pulled their children from school that day:

This practice of allow students to pick up Bibles left by a third-party group wasn’t unique to Casey County. It was happening all over the state. That meant the freethinkers needed to expand their reach as well.

It worked. Get this: they just got permission to distribute copies of my book The Young Atheist’s Survival Guide on the last day of classes in the Boone County school system.

While I can’t be there in person, there will be a lot of activists helping out:

Currently Mr. David Silverman, President of American Atheists, plans to be in attendance. Members of several high school and college Secular Student Alliances will [also] be present to hand the book out to the students.

According to the press release, “Rumor has it that a local Satanist organization plans to submit an approval to hand out material,” too, though the two groups aren’t connected.

How’s that for parity?

If any Christian parents or administrators have a problem with that, there’s a simple solution: Just don’t give the Gideons permission to distribute the Bibles. Say no to all religious and non-religious groups that want to leave material for students.

But they won’t do that. They love their Bibles.

And I’m sure they’ll learn to love my book.

(Portions of this post were published earlier)

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