New Atheist Billboard in Idaho Declares: “GOOD Works in Non-Mysterious Ways”

The Humanists of the Palouse are in the process of putting up five billboards in Moscow, Idaho and Pullman, Washington that emphasize good over God:

In a direct rebuttal to the notion that God works in mysterious ways (which, when you think about it, means absolutely nothing at all), these billboards read, “GOOD works in non-mysterious ways.”

Janny Stratichuk, regional programs coordinator for the Humanists of the Palouse, stated, “The tongue-in-cheek statement is a take on the traditional and widely heard, ‘God works in mysterious ways.’ This religious phrase is often used as a last excuse when theism fails to provide clear results in the real world. While theism may offer hope and wishful thinking, human beings doing good makes a visible and tangible difference in our relationships, our communities, and our world.”

It’s a wonderful sentiment and one I’m sure super-sensitive Christians will find reason to object to within a day or two.

In 2012, the same Humanist group put up two other clever and positive billboards:

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