Australian Mom Who Stabbed Eight Children To Death Is a Recent Convert Who Gave Fiery Public Sermons

After she had become besotted with thoughts of God and the devil, Australian mother Raina Thaiday stabbed seven of her own nine children, and a niece. The victims ranged in age from two to 14.

The 37-year-old Cairns mother accused of murdering eight children had recently turned to religion and banned technology from her home.

Raina Mersane Ina Thaiday, who remains under police guard in hospital, had taken to giving fiery sermons in the street and had cut the power to her home and threw away the television, neighbours told News Corp.

She warned locals not to use their mobile phones because they were the “work of the Devil” and posted a handwritten sign on a front window of her public housing home that read: “No alcohol, cigarette, and drunken people allowed in this area.”

Others said the house, where she is accused of killing seven of her own children and a niece in a frenzied knife attack last Friday, was often the scene of wild all-night parties.

Police are investigating whether the accused killer was on the drug ice at the time and suffered a possible psychotic episode.

But according to the Australian,

Senior investigators yesterday dismissed suggestions Ms Thaiday was high on the drug “ice” at the time of the killings, and confirmed they were probing her recent and refreshed religious devotion. …

For the four Sundays before the alleged mass murder, Ms. Thaiday took her children to a new church, St. Margaret’s Anglican Church in the Cairns suburb of Westcourt.

She was observed on her knees praying on the grass outside her home on Friday morning.

Another possible contributing factor may be that about a decade ago, the father of one of the child victims had hit Thaiday on the head with a hammer.

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