Man Poses as Target on Facebook, Then Comically Responds to Complaints about Gender Neutrality

After Target announced that they’d be doing away with gender-specific labeling in their toy and children’s bedding aisles, the conservative crowd went into total meltdown mode. A storm of people took to Target’s Facebook page to air their grievances, accuse the chain of pandering to liberalism, and announce a boycott (I give it a month, tops).

Fortunately, someone was handling these complaints in a timely fashion.

Unfortunately for the complainers, that someone was Mike Melgaard, a self-described “troll,” posing as a Target customer service agent.

He went by the handles “Ask ForHelp” and “Target Customer Service” — complete with the Target logo avatar. Hilarity ensued.

Here are our 10 favorites responses:

Trolling isn’t normally something to endorse, but this guy deserves a slow clap.

You can find his original post here.

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