Poll Finds That 0.0% of Young Icelanders Believe God Created the Universe Out of Nothing

We already knew the majority of people of Iceland support church/state separation. And we knew some of them even joined an ancient religion just so their tax money wouldn’t go to any established church. And we know young people are generally less religious than the general population.

But who knew the numbers were so skewed?

While less than half the country is religious, a poll commissioned by Siðmennt (the Icelandic Ethical Humanist Association) found that 0.0% — not a typo — of people under the age of 25 believe God created the universe, with a whopping 93.9% of that age group saying they accepted the Big Bang theory.


To be sure, there are Christians in the country, even in that age group, who believe God caused the Big Bang — but that’s part of the mental gymnastics of faith: You might not reject solid scientific evidence, but you’ll still insert God wherever there’s a gap to be found. It’s a different kind of delusion.

Either way, Ken Ham won’t be sleeping well tonight.

(Thanks to Thor for the link)

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