Christian Evangelist Joshua Feuerstein Put Subliminal Dollar Bill Images in His Latest Video

Well, this is a new tactic for Christian vertical video addict (and Starbucks red cup destroyer) Joshua Feuerstein: It looks like he’s sticking subliminal advertising into his latest videos.

In a “Facebook church” video posted online Sunday (and then removed Monday) by Feuerstein, he gave a long loud rant about Jesus before introducing a group of musicians and singers. But if you look carefully in the clip below, which was snagged before Feuerstein took down his video, you see an interesting thing happen every minute, on the dot, beginning at the 0:23 mark:

A dollar bill flashes on the screen.


The blogger at Exposing Joshua Fraudstein and Friends took several additional screenshots which are worth looking at just to remind you of how despicable this “follower of Christ” really is.

Maybe he’s trying to buy another fancy video camera.

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