Christian Hate-Pastor Continues Revolt Against LGBT People, Calling Them “Sodomites” and “Dogs”

Pastor Steven Anderson is furious that the world is lashing out against his hate speech following the tragedy in Orlando. Speaking about himself, Pastor Donnie Romero, and Pastor Roger Jimenez, he says in a recent sermon that LGBT people and their allies have shut down their PayPal accounts, social media accounts, and other ways these pastors make a living.

You won’t find that sermon on YouTube, though, because Anderson is afraid the website will deactivate his account if he keeps posting his anti-gay sermons. So he posted it on instead, a decision that may have given him even more freedom to speak out against homosexuality. I uploaded a clip from that sermon below… mostly because I saw Anderson do this:


Anderson explained how anyone who’s getting soft on LGBT issues needs to get out of his church immediately:

I don’t want to hang around with a bunch of fag hags, and a bunch of queer-bates, and a bunch of effeminates. GET OUT!

Look: No one, in a million years, would have thought, when I was a child, that our country would ever accept this stuff amongst Christians. You are insane. You think I’m preaching too hard? You. Have. Lost. Your. Mind.

And if you ever say the word “LGBT community” to me, you might as well just walk up to me and just say, “You know what? I’m a brainwashed idiot. I don’t read the Bible. I don’t love God. I’m just a brainwashed fool that has my mind filled with TV, Hollywood, and can’t think for myself.”

LGBT. They’re sodomites. They’re dogs. That’s what the Bible calls them: Dogs. DOGS!

And that was just in the first ten minutes. There was another hour of the sermon left…

This is faith-based hate speech. You can say it’s not loving, you can say you disavow what he’s saying, but you can’t say the Bible has nothing to do with it.

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