Glenn Beck and David Barton Want To Build a History Museum (Like Things Weren’t Bad Enough Already)

Glenn Beck, best known for his delusional conspiracy theories, and David Barton, best known for his fictional revisionist history, are teaming together to create a museum where they would teach classes.

As if they haven’t done enough damage already…


“David and I would like you to help us,” Beck said. “We are still in the acquisition phase, we are still trying to buy the good and the bad, so we have it all … and also some fun things in history to be able to bring the people who don’t want to learn history, to bring them in as well. But our goal is to acquire, build and then teach and we’d like to run a hundred kids a week through it. I’d like to spend summers, just David and I teaching every single day.”

Maybe they can team up with Ken Ham and give people a discount to visit the Barton-Beck Tenth Circle of Hell Hall followed by the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter.

They’ll punch your ticket stub for every point your IQ drops, and when it gets to double-digits, your next visit is free!

For some reason, I want to blame Donald Trump for this.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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