Transgender Politician Responds Perfectly to Philippines Sen. Manny Pacquiao’s Bible-Based Bigotry

Rep. Geraldine Roman is the first openly transgender politician in the Philippines, and that’s relevant in a country where they’re debating a bill that would allow discrimination based on gender identity — including how a person dresses.

It led to this back and forth between Roman and Sen. Manny Pacquiao, the Christian bigot who is also a world-famous boxer.


PACQUIAO: Even in the Bible, we can read that the woman should wear women’s clothing, and the man, men’s clothing. That’s what I believe.

ROMAN: I respect his religious beliefs, but the basis of our laws is not the Bible. It is the Constitution where the tenet of equality is enshrined.

Mic dropped.

Pacquiao has a history of justifying his awful beliefs by pointing to the Bible. A year ago, he said gay people were worse than animals because animals were always heterosexual (which isn’t true). He also posted a Bible verse calling for the death of homosexuals before quickly deleting it. Nike stopped working with him after that outburst.

(Thanks to Vince for the link)

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