Register Now for the Secular Coalition for America’s Upcoming Lobby Day

If you live near Washington, D.C. or have the ability to travel there, consider registering for the Secular Coalition for America’s upcoming Lobby Day in June. It’s a chance to speaking with your elected officials about matters involving church/state separation. You sign up, and the SCA staff will set up the meetings.

I’ve done it before and it was a memorable experience. They’ll train you, they’ll inspire you, and you’ll realize how simple it is to make sure your voice is heard by members of Congress.


This year, there’s also a Secular Awards Dinner at the Newseum the night before Lobby Day and it’s possible there will be some legislators speaking to the participants. (The full list of speakers will be announced in the coming weeks.)

All the details are right here. Now, more than ever, we need to make sure rational voices get through to Congress. So sign up!

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