Dirty Cop Says He Became a Thief and a Drug Dealer Because of Satan

What do you do if you’re a crooked cop who repeatedly stole illicit drugs and distributed them, and your misdeeds come to light?

California deputy Logan August got creative: he decided to make a video in which he says the devil misled him.

A California deputy facing up to five years in prison for selling drugs seized during raids issued an apology in a Youtube video blaming satan for his misdeeds.

I made that decision based on Satan playing games with me, and making me feel like I was prideful and unable to go to family members for help,” Logan August said sitting next to his wife in a video recorded apology to friends, family, co-workers and the community.


According to court documents, while working for the Kern County Sheriff’s Office, August stole marijuana seized in ten raids in 2014, giving the pot to a confidential informant to sell. Deputy August gave the informant 25 pounds of marijuana, receiving a $15,000 cut of the sales.

In his video apology, August sounds less like he’s sorry than sorry that he got caught. But if he continues to play the Christian card, his fellow believers are bound to send love and forgiveness his way; and if this badge-soiler is lucky, a judge just may give him a reduced sentence.

Of course, no such leniency is available to suspects who openly reject superstitious nonsense.

August’s cheap stab at repentance is just one more indication that Christianity, which prides itself on having forgiveness at its core, is a faith that easily allows its followers to disregard immoral behavior and skirt personal responsibility.

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