Jim Bakker: Over the Next “Hellish 42 Months,” You’ll Want My Buckets of Food

Televangelist Jim Bakker spent much of the last administration whining about how the world was coming to an end because of President Obama. So what does he do with Donald Trump in the White House? How does he play up the fear when everything’s going his way?

Simple. Bakker just says the critics of Trump are hastening the end of the world.

And when that fateful day comes, you’re gonna want his giant buckets of food.


“The news is crazy,” Bakker said. “Evil, evil, evil. And how they’re trying to destroy the president and his family, God is speaking to me about it. What He is saying is He is going to send judgment and He’s going to judge some people.”

“It’s time to be prepared because there’s coming a time when it will be too late to get ready and that’s going to be a hellish 42 months on planet Earth,” Bakker said. “The only thing that you are going to want when these times come is going to [be] food to eat and that’s why we’ve spent our ministry, for the last years, putting together this food for survival.”

42 months is how much time Trump has left in this term.

He may have given away the game, though, with that line at the end. How did they spend “years” putting together these food buckets together to fight Trump’s critics… when Trump took the oath of office six months ago?

Because it’s not about who’s President. It’s only about whatever scare tactic Bakker is using at the moment. If the old bogeyman doesn’t work, he’ll just find a new one. Whatever it takes to get money from people who don’t know any better.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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