The Site Just Went Through a Redesign (So Bear With Us)

Today, as some of you noticed, Patheos went through a huge site overhaul. There are lots of changes everywhere. (It’s been a long time coming.)

The benefits of the redesign are huge. Articles will look better on your phones. The posts will reach a wider audience. They’ll load faster. The ads will be less annoying. It’s important long-term stuff that the folks behind the scenes have been working on for a while.

But as with any changes of this magnitude, there are a *ton* of broken pieces everywhere — including on my own dashboard where I write posts (so I feel your pain).

We’re all making our lists of concerns and letting the tech folks know. They’re doing triage and taking care of things as quickly as possible. It’ll take time to get everything in working order.

In any case, I’m paying attention to your comments about it. I know people hate it when things look different, but constructive feedback is appreciated and I’ll pass it all along to the people who can fix it.

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