Tim Allen, Who Grunted His Way to Fame, Doesn’t Know Why Apes Still Exist

Comedian Tim Allen, best known for starring (and grunting) in Home Improvement and voicing a character in the Toy Story franchise, is better known today for being an outspoken conservative in Hollywood. The Fox News crowd thinks his show Last Man Standing was canceled because of his political views, though that’s just not true.

On Twitter today, he cemented his desire to be the next Curt Schilling or Kirk Cameron by challenging the very idea of evolution.


The simple answer is that we evolved from a common ancestor. That ancestor may look similar to modern-day apes but it’s not the same thing. We’re just one branch of a huge tree that is constantly growing.

Anyone who’s taken a basic biology class or read page one of a book about evolution could tell you that.

Maybe Allen should’ve asked a wise neighbor. Instead, he tweeted the question as if he’s the first person to ever think of it.

The most optimistic way to look at this would be that he confused Twitter with Google… though even that would also be pretty pathetic. But it’s not out of the question. Allen doesn’t even tweet that much! He’s tweeted twice this month, and the other time was to promote an upcoming gig. He broke out his dusty Twitter app to ask this question.

But if you want to enjoy your afternoon, read through the responses on Twitter. People are having way too much fun responding to him.

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