Quebec Offered Texas Aid, But the Sec. of State Said They Just Needed Prayers

***Update***: Texas, citing a miscommunication of sorts, has since accepted the help.

After a natural disaster like the hurricane that hit Texas this week, it’s nice to know we have a friend in Canada. And Quebec’s Minister of International Relations Christine St-Pierre called up Texas Secretary of State Rolando Pablos this week offering all sorts of equipment and manpower.

St-Pierre literally said she could send over blankets, beds, pillows, hygienic products, and electricians to restore power. (They did that after Hurricane Katrina, too.)

Pablos’ response?

Thanks, but no thanks. We don’t need it. Just send some prayers.


“It was a conversation about how devastating the situation is and we want to express our support to the people of Texas,” she told CBC News.

Pablos declined the aid for now, instead asking for “prayers from the people of Quebec,” the minister said. “He was very touched by the fact we called him.”

Are you kidding me?!

Whatever virus hit Joel Osteen has apparently spread to other Christians in the state.

There’s a charitable way to interpret this. Maybe Texas can’t manage all the people who have good intentions. Maybe they don’t have a place to store the resources or a good way of distributing them. But I have no reason to believe any of that. After other disasters, government officials and non-profit leaders knew exactly how to make use of volunteers and goods.

If Pablos genuinely couldn’t accept the help, then he could have suggested that the people of Quebec send donations through a charity. He didn’t do that. Instead, he rejected the actual help and asked for imaginary help.

Christ. Take the help, Texas. If God could help, He would’ve blown the hurricane away before it hit land. Now is not the time to rely on a higher power.

(Image via Shutterstock. Thanks to David for the link)

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