Televangelist Jim Bakker Sounds Even Stranger Than Usual in This Edited Video

Leave it to Vic Berger to make televangelist Jim Bakker look even creepier than usual.

This edit involves Bakker praising Donald Trump, selling water bottles, and talking about feeling fear for the first time (despite spending time in seven prisons).

We don’t see in that video why Bakker felt fear for the first time, but I’m almost positive he’s referring to President Obama‘s time in office.

Maybe the most disturbing part of that video was the child used as a prop for proselytizing. At the beginning of the video, I thought he was a ventriloquist’s dummy. Nope. He’s a real kid. But he is saying whatever grandfather Mike Bickle wants him to say.

(via Christian Nightmares and Super Deluxe)

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