Jim Bakker Claims “They Outlawed ‘Merry Christmas’ a Few Years Ago”

Did you know it’s illegal to say “Merry Christmas”?

Me neither. But it apparently happened years ago, according to televangelist Jim Bakker.

“They outlawed ‘Merry Christmas’ a few years ago and you know it,” he said. “You couldn’t even say ‘Merry Christmas” at Walmart and the Walmart greeters told me they weren’t allowed to say it. But we all started writing and what did we do? We changed it. We changed it. We all worked together. You don’t have to lay down for it.”

Strange. I have said “Merry Christmas” multiple times over the past few years without ever once getting ticketed for it. And I’m pretty sure I even said it to someone at Walmart without getting kicked out of the store. So who is the “they” that supposed outlawed the phrase? Bakker never answered that.

He must be confusing a company’s preference that employees use the more inclusive “Happy Holidays” — a smart business practice for any retail store catering to a diverse customer base — with some Rule From On High that forbids people from referring to Christmas. I dare you to find one instance of someone getting punished for saying, “Merry Christmas.” It doesn’t happen. It never has.

Not that Donald Trump cares. He’s gotten plenty of leverage from spreading the lie that he and he alone would make it legal to say the words again — and gullible buffoons like Bakker have fallen for it.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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