Bigots Say Starbucks Is Promoting Lesbianism, Somehow, On Its Holiday Cups

In 2015, Christian Whiner Joshua Feuerstein said that Starbucks’ holiday cups, which were entirely red but for a Starbucks logo, were “taking the Christ out of Christmas.” He was roundly ridiculed for it, but it feels like a Starbucks controversy is part of the holiday tradition now.

Their new cup shouldn’t have been controversial at all. The commercial introducing the cup is pretty bland and pro-everything Christmas… but some critics say the company is clearly pushing a gay agenda by including this image in the 30-second ad:


Is that image even on the cup? No. The cup itself features two hands holding each other… which clearly is a reference to those two women… according to people desperate to find any reason to hate the coffee company.


Oh, to have so few problems that this is what I get bothered by…

Starbucks hasn’t confirmed or denied the rumors. Though you could also argue the two women looking at each other are nothing more than friends. Friends, believe it or not, look at each other when they talk… But no. They’re lesbians now. It’s not Christmas unless conservative Christians are picking a fight with Starbucks.

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