Michele Bachmann Wants a Sign from God Before Running for Senate; God Says “NO”

It was a month ago when former Republican congresswoman Michele Bachmann announced that she would consider running for Al Franken‘s Senate seat in Minnesota… if God gave her the sign.

Well, a God has spoken. And the answer, according to a new billboard in Bachmann’s home state, is a resounding “NO.”

(That top image, which misspells Bachmann’s first name, was the original draft. A corrected version ended up appearing on the actual sign.)

That billboard is courtesy of TheGoodLordAbove, a.k.a. “God” on Facebook, who has millions of followers. They raised just over $7,000 just over a week ago and got the sign up fairly quickly. It will be up for the next month. (God told me last night that the leftover cash would help pay for taxes associated with the fundraiser.)

Will Bachmann listen to that billboard? Probably not.

Is it any less credible than the voices in her head? Nope.

So far, Bachmann hasn’t issued any response.

This isn’t the first billboard God’s followers have paid for. In 2015, He did something similar by putting up a sign reading “God Loves Gays” across from Westboro Baptist Church and in Salt Lake City, Utah (near the Mormon Church’s headquarters). There was some pushback from the advertisers because of the nature of the message, but the Bachmann message, God said, had no opposition at all.

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