Christian Pastor: Gay People Are Satanists and “They Have Money!”

A Christian pastor in Ghana claims that gay people are Satanists. They choose those identities, he went on to say, and they must be stopped.

Reverend Professor Emmanuel Martey was speaking at the Agape House New Testament Church over the weekend when he made the remarks. (You can see them at the 1:41:55 mark in this video.)

It is a reproach — a disgrace — to a nation that sanctions homosexuality!

Listen: You see, the homosexuals are, most of them, are the Satanists. And they control the economy of a nation. They have money!

You know, and these people are so militant that true Christians cannot withstand their militancy. They employ every philosophical, scientific argument. You know… it’s genetic… what has happened to us is genetic. We were born that way. Born that way… No scientist, even homosexual scientist, have not proven, you know?

There’s nothing so, I don’t know, for somebody to call himself… a Christian and homosexual or lesbian at the same time. Listen: For me, I don’t want any argument. They say they were born that way. Okay! You were born that way! But if you say you want to be a Christian, you see, there is something, a doctrine in Christianity called regeneration, being born again. If you were born homosexual, and you want to be a Christian, you must be born again.

To translate that, you can’t be a gay person who’s also a practicing Christian (even though many conservative Christians in the U.S. would disagree with that precise characterization). This pastor says being gay is a choice because even gay scientists haven’t isolated The Gay Gene. And the pro-LGBTQ arguments are so strong, that even True Christians™ can be convinced of them.

Also, the Satanic Homosexuals have all the money. (I guess that’s just God playing a nasty joke on His followers.)

This concludes another pastor talking out of his ass, condemning people he knows nothing about.

It may be easy for American Christians to pretend this is unique to foreign nations — that something in this man’s religious education was lost in translation — but we hear variations of these lies in the U.S. all the time. Hell, even Christian politicians spread lies that are no different and no less pernicious. Just because Martey says them with an accent doesn’t mean his beliefs aren’t pervasive in large segments of Christianity.

(Thanks to Nii for the link)

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