Church Camp Led Him to Doubt His Christian Faith; Now He’s an Atheist Activist

Brian Fields is a fantastic atheist organizer in Pennsylvania, but his road getting there involved a fundamentalist Christian upbringing and a brief foray into Paganism. But after he read The God Delusion and followed a major trial (in Pennsylvania) involving teaching Intelligent Design in the classroom (the ID side thankfully lost), he wasn’t just an atheist. He wanted to be an atheist activist.

If you go to his conferences now, you’ll always find an opportunity to do community service. It’s a chance to put Humanism in action.

He talks about all of this in a new video, courtesy of Seth Andrews:

It’s an inspiring story because Brian went from one end of the religious spectrum to the other. And if he can make that switch, plenty of other people can, too.

(via TheThinkingAtheist)

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