Printing Bones

An 83-year-old woman has had her lower jaw replaced with one constructed by a 3D printer. The patient’s lower jaw was so badly infected that it required a complete replacement. Following imaging of the woman’s jaw, a new one was crafted from titanium powder in only a few hours. A day later the woman was talking [Read More...]

Technology’s Faustian Bargain

The late Neil Postman was a disciple of Marshall McLuhan, and understood the dangers of a media-saturated, information-overloaded world. A strain of Luddism ran through Postman’s work, but we ignore his warnings at our own peril. Although terms like “cyberspace” and “information superhighway” have become passe, almost everything in this ten minute excerpt from a 1995 [Read More...]

Faith in the Digital Age

Our lives increasingly are defined by technology. This is not news. These words are not printed in black ink on folded broadsheets made of mechanical wood pulp and tossed in your driveway or hawked from streetcorners. That era is passing away, but in its time, cheap and efficient printing was a technological, world-changing revolution, able to [Read More...]