Building a Monastery With Medieval Tech

From Der Spiegel (in English):

“Historians, architects, archaeologists and volunteers in Germany are teaming up to build a medieval monastery the old-fashioned way. Working conditions will be strictly 9th-century, without machines, rain jackets or even coffee. It will take decades, but they hope to garner fresh insights into everyday life in the 800s.”

Read the whole thing.


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  • Gary Chapin

    No coffee? Those were barbaric times …

  • Ron19

    “without machines…” Does that mean no wheels, pulleys, cranes, inclined planes? “…rain jackets” and no robes with attached hood?

    “build a medieval monastery the old-fashioned way” Ah, with lots and lots of prayer and daily Masses! Paid for by the produce of the surrounding fields.

  • Elizabeth D

    …the ambitious dimensions of the project, which is not just a tourist attraction, but also a meticulous scientific undertaking

    It is sad to go to so much trouble to build a monastery, with no intent to be an actual monastery. Are a collection of buildings resembling a monastery really a monastery if there is not a community of monks?

  • Quid est veritas

    Well, it’s been said, “Build it and they will come” Maybe there will be monks, later.

  • Mary Elizabeth Williams

    Why do we actually need more information about life in the 800′s? is anybody planning to go back?

  • Mary Elizabeth Williams

    There IS a community of monks building a French Gothic monastery in the Rocky Mountains. If you want to check it out google Mystic Monk Coffee – seriously, coffee roasting is their fundraiser to pay for the monastery.