Game Review: Deus Ex: Human Revolution

The Deus Ex series, along with its cousin, Bioshock, is one of the most profound statements on transhumanism in any medium. The most recent version, Human Revolution, was released last fall, and it’s still well worth a complete playthrough. Here’s a bit of what I wrote in my review for Catholic News Service.

Human Revolution” deals with serious issues of ethics, politics, and society. Religious matters aren’t really on the radar, though. Perhaps the writers were reluctant to engage the complex theological issues involved in transhumanism. Or perhaps, like so many in the field of science fiction, they are simply not theistic, believing in a future without God.

Some religious elements do creep in, perhaps unwittingly. Adam’s name is not coincidental, and his relationship to the “JC” character of the original “Deus Ex” echoes Catholic understanding of Jesus as the New Adam. A pair of brothers named Isaias and Zachery feature as minor players, each acting in a somewhat prophetic role.

Read the whole thing. It has the usual weird syndication edit, but mostly it reads okay.

A slightly different version of my coverage, oriented more towards a gaming readership, can be found at my gaming blog, State of Play.

Rating Summary

Artistic Quality: A-

Content issues: Intense violence with gore, sexual themes, mature subject matter, alcohol use, drug references, strong language and implied prostitution.

ESRB Rating: Mature

Recommended for: Adults and mature teens

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