Monday Morning Chicken

Amber the Speckled Sussex

Here at the end of our first full week of being suburban chicken farmers, we still walk about in a daze saying, “Whatzat? We have chickens. How did we get chickens?”

They are strangely easy to care for and quite charming. We’re still researching coop designs, but we have about 5 weeks left until they get moved outside, and 5 months or so until they start pulling their own weight (which, by the way, doubled in six days) and squeezing out some eggs.

The dog has adapted quite well and hasn’t made a single threatening gesture. Either she just decided to accept them, or she’s waiting for a little more meat on their bones before she makes her move.

"Will I escape this whole chicken project with my dignity? No, I will not."

"Are you my mother?"

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