The Stand Up For Religious Freedom Rally takes place on Friday across the country. Here are the locations. It’s a moment for people to make their voices heard and stand up against the HHS Mandate.

I don’t plan to do a lot of politics here, but let me be very clear: Barack Obama is a tyrant. The most pressing issue for Catholics right now is the HHS mandate, which will force us to pay for contraceptives, abortifaciants, and sterilization in the name of some newly-minted Right to Contraception. But, really, with almost every action he takes he proves either his tyrannical inclinations or his rank incompetence. He has

  • ordered the extra-judicial murder of American citizens, refused to provide the evidence justifying their execution, and claims the right to continue ordering such executions in the future.
  • allowed for the indefinite detention of Americans without charges.
  • embroiled us in one military action without Congressional approval (Libya) and is indicating that he might embroil us in two more (Syria and Iran). He claims he only needs “international approval” for this, and that any action the president chooses to take in “self defense” is his call. (And we all remember when Libya was about to invade New Hampshire.) If Bush had done this (and he didn’t: he got Congressional and UN approval), the left would have come unglued. (I mean: even more unglued than usual.) Now they just roll over like a nice little lap dog.
  • orchestrated a sweeping takeover of the healthcare system, including an “individual mandate” which orders citizens to either buy a product from a private company, or pay a fine. Assuring that the uninsured receive healthcare is a worthwhile thing to do, which is why the Catholic Church builds hospitals all over the place. But was the Federal seizure of almost 1/5th of the economy the best way to get insurance to the relatively small percentage of uninsured, or was it merely another way for the left to exert control over the populace? I think we can find the answer to that in the way the president has
  • bludgeoned conscience protections into senselessness, but only for the Catholic Church. Over a thousand groups and companies have been given exemptions from Obamacare, and the Amish, American Indians, and other groups have been excused based on conscience issues. Why not the Church? Because we stand in the way of his Culture of Death.
  • become so zealous on issues of contraception and abortion that he’s willing to deny women’s healthcare funds to Texas and other states because the states are cutting off funds to the abortion industry. His pro-abortion zealotry is so all-consuming that he is even willing to burn his allies and endanger other programs. There has never been a more pro-abortion president.

And while we’re at it, let’s not forget that he has

  • devalued the dollar as a matter of policy to pay for his leftist Utopian schemes, none of which has aided in economic recovery. His ruinous economic policies have only deepened the recession and made the lot of the poor even worse.
  • exploded the deficit in a time of economic recession, when we can least afford it and when it does the least good. (Contra Keynes, you can’t spend your way out of depression unless your name is Paris Hilton.) He added more to the national debt than all the presidents from Washington to Reagan combined, and in only the first 19 months of his presidency.
  • left us with an incoherent energy policy based on pipe dreams and driven by yet another Utopian scheme: getting Americans to consume less energy by ruining us financially. His own energy Tsar has admitted that he’s just fine with high gas prices because it will encourage people to seek out “alternative energies”.

Please don’t come back at me with “Bush did this” or “Bush did that.” I don’t care. I didn’t support Bush when he did stupid or evil things, I don’t support the current creep when he does it, and I won’t support the next when he (inevitably) does it.

If you are a Catholic who supports him, you need to make a choice. Either you toe the party line and follow this kind of rank tyranny, or you speak up and call a tyrant a tyrant. Just because the joker in office has a “D” after his name, makes a pretty-sounding speech, and makes you feel good about your racial sensitivity, it doesn’t mean you have to follow him as he leads us all over a cliff. You don’t have to stop being a Democrat. You just have to stop being willfully blind.  If you want to see the model of a principled liberal standing against tyranny, you don’t have far to go.

Wrong is wrong, even if “your guy” is doing it. Stop identifying yourself with demonstrably evil political parties (Democrat or Republican) and start identifying yourself with justice, truth, liberty, and honesty. Stand up and be heard.

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