Paul Ehrlich: Still Wrong

Paul Ehrlich has not merely been wrong in his long career as a “population expert”: he has been demonstrably, repeatedly, spectacularly wrong about almost everything. Somehow, he’s not only failed to offer groveling apologies for a lifetime of saying stupid things, but continues to claim he was right all along. Ehrlich is most famous as [Read More...]

Monday Morning Chicken

Amber the Chicken

The girls are now spending part of each day in a temporary enclosure outside while I struggle to slap together a coop that will be predator proof. [Read more...]

Cat God vs Sun King [A Week of Time Wasters]


As I mentioned last week, I had to wrap up the September issue of Games Magazine, which led to lighter-than-usual posting at the end of the week. In order to make up for that, I’m going to post five days worth of insidious browser-based time-wasters: little games that will make that coffee break vanish faster [Read More...]