A Quick Note About Comments

I have not yet written a comment policy, but as the Komen post draws the trolls out of their caves, I should point out that unless your comment is either benign or adds something to the conversation, it won’t get posted.

If a comment is painfully stupid, insulting, and devoid of content, the writer is added to the spam filter. I do not check the spam filter. I trust the spam filter to do its job, and it does it very well. That means someone may well type out some long ranting post, pointing out the precise nature of my idiocy and contemptiblity,  that I shall never see. I will somehow get over this loss.

You may also wind up in the spam filter if your tag contains a link to a spammy-looking site, or simply because of weird English, or bad links, or your brand of deodorant. Some of its decisions are mysterious and capricious, but it fills up with hundreds of posts each day, and I simply can’t comb through them all looking for the real ones that might get sucked into its gaping maw.

Insults alone are not enough to get a comment spam-killed. I can trade insults with readers all day long if they’re interesting enough. However, insults + nothing to say = Welcome to Spamland.

I am not here to reassure trolls of their okayness, and this space is not here for them to post long screeds about whatever. If they want to do that, they can start their own blog. It’s free!

Random bleats like “Patheos? More Like Pathetic!” or “The God you believe in doesn’t exist” [Yes, both of those are real.] head straight for spamland, and the writers shall never darken my eyeballs again. I’m really not interested in people writing on my site as though they’re writing on a bathroom wall.

If you are a smart, concise, nicely-groomed regular commentator, be assured that I read everything and appreciate the input, even though I don’t reply to each post unless I have something useful to add.


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  • victor

    Eeek! Will all forms of stupid comments be banned? What if they’re merely banal?

  • http://www.godandthemachine.com Thomas L. McDonald

    Well, I allowed for “benign” in the criteria, so “banal” is also safe, as are bland, superficial, pointless, self-serving, hallucinatory, and insipid.

  • victor

    Awesome. I was going to ask about hallucinatory comments next, just as soon as the Muppets had stopped eating my face.

  • http://www.robinhardy.com robin

    Good heavens! Look what I missed by skipping your blog for one freaking day. It will not happen again.

    Excuse me while I ask Victor: Is that Jeeves? He is da bomb.

  • http://www.godandthemachine.com Thomas L. McDonald

    Jeeves is, indeed, da bomb.

    And I really usually keep it nice and mellow. I had hoped the Big Post of the day might be the nice story about the man who used Google Earth to find his lost family after 25 years. But I covered this stinkin’, awful Komen story for the Register when it broke, and had to follow it closely enough to see the despicable behavior of Planned Parenthood and their proxies. People just don’t realize the cold cynicism of the way in the way Planned Parenthood addressed the Komen grant issue. ( I finally realized that it all had to have been prepared in advance for just this possibility.) The whole thing was so slimy, and I simply cannot stand it when people defend this demonstrably evil organization.

  • http://www.robinhardy.com robin

    Former Komen VP Karen Handel says, yes, it was prepared in advance: http://www.christianpost.com/news/former-komen-vp-says-planned-parenthood-attack-premeditated-69021/ . It’s too bad that had Komen rode out the storm with their original decision, they would have won the respect of a lot of fence-sitters. But now a great many more of their contributors know about their entanglements. Komen’s on a long road downhill to where PP is already in the Pit.


  • http://www.godandthemachine.com Thomas L. McDonald

    Yes, that’s Stephen Fry from the version he did with Hugh Laurie.

  • pllym

    I’ve been silently following and enjoying your blog for some time now (got linked from Scalia’s Anchoress blog a while back.) It was quite enjoyable reading your posts for the little while that it lasted troll free, but now it looks like the very name of PP has caught the attention of the troll universe and opened up the floodgates of anti-Catholic bigotry. But you know, good for you. I always thought that if a Catholic who was truly living out his/her apostolate and spreading the truth wasn’t getting some hate for it, then they probably werent doing a very good job of it. Congrats! You are officially baptized into world of being a persecuted Catholic blogger. :) Keep up the good work!