Not Every Job is Made Better by Robots

F’rinstance: South Korean prison guard.

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And this is necessary because … CCTV is too efficient and cost effective and doesn’t involve cool proto-Daleks? Now, if Robo-Guard wandered up and down gen-pop shouting “EX-TER-MI-NATE!” randomly, then I might be able to get behind this.

This article at appears to have an accurate read on this. It’s not that South Korea thinks robo-screws are really all that necessary, but that prisons have a compliant population upon which to test new technology.

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  • victor

    Plus, it’s just too darn cute! (And I also imagine it also has the same problem with stairs that the original Daleks had.) Still, if you could slap a picture of Richard Garriott’s mom’s face on it, I’m sure it’d get invited to a few weddings.

  • Thomas L. McDonald

    I missed that story. Thanks for the link. I always like Richard. A nice guy. Slightly nuts (I seem to recall him inventing his own neo-pagan religion) but brilliant.

  • victor

    I’ve been a fan of his entrepreneurial spirit since the 1980s and I hope someday to see the sci-fi flick he shot on the ISS. Shame about that “fire field” incident back in ’97, though.